Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There's nothing so bad....

My brother-in-law, Arne' used to say "There's nothing so bad it isn't good for someting".

I have been thinking about that for the last eleven weeks, since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Mostly I have been too busy with headaches to be very philosophical.   Certainly it never occured to me that there was anything good abut having a brain tumor.

Then, today, I realized what it is.For all of my adult life I have thought about my weight and my body image.  When Nick and I got married I only weighed 125lb.  Even then I thought that my thighs were too fat!  Really!

Well, since I found out about my brain tumor, I haven't spent any time thinking about my weight.   None.  I step on the scale, but more as a curiosity than as an opportunity to beat up on myself.

How about that.  There's the good.   I wonder what other good will come out of this episode of my life?.  My family's life really since we are all effected.

I am not ready to thank my brain tumor.  I have not really enjoyed it's company.  But, it has taken my mind (bad pun) off my other worries!

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