Sunday, May 22, 2016

Places I have lived

Portland, Oregon  I was born in Portland in 1954

Athens Greece We lived in Athens from 1955-57.  I am told that Greek was my first language. I don't really remember:

Okinawa  Not sure of the dates, but I think we went to Okinawa in 1957?  I don't seem to have any pictures, but I think that this picture is of us arriving on the USS Breckenridge.  
I think that's my mom in the red dress and my brother to her left.


Alexandria, Virginia
My mom loved her piano.  I remember it was at the foot of the stairs.

Kabul, Afghanistan  1959-1961.  I remember learning about Alaska and Hawaii becoming states when we were there.  The horse and buggy picture was taken in front of our house.
Me in my Afghan dress that my mother had made.  I was around 7 years old

My brother, Dale standing on the back steps of our house

Afghan public transportation

Washington, D.C.  In 1961 we returned from Afghanistan and lived in a hotel on 16th St NW in Washington.
Meridian Hill Park

This is my mom at Meridian Hill Park, right across the street from our hotel

Wheaton, Maryland  1961-1969  When we lived in Wheaton, I started attending the Barrie School.  I graduated from Barrie in 1972

Here's where we lived.

This was the main building on the Fern Place NW, DC Barrie School campus

Me sitting on the patio- around 15 years old

College Park, Maryland  Nick and I got married June 24, 1972.
We were so young!

We lived in College Park in our first house.  Nick finished law school and joined the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer

Bangkok, Thailand  We lived in Bangkok from 1976-78.   Our first baby, daughter Courtney, was born there.

College Park, MD
Back to College Park while Nick studied Polish in anticipation of our move to Poznan, Poland

Poznan, Poland
  We lived in Poznan from 1979-81.    I don't seem to have any pictures of Poznan in my computer at the moment.  However, during our tour, Morgan was born I returned to Virginia for his birth, and Courtney, Morgan and I returned to Poland when Morgan was 8 weeks old.

Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 1981-83.   I started my first La Leche
 League Group there.

Reston, Virginia   We flew home on leave from Chiang Mai to work on buying a new house.   This is the house we bought and moved into in 1983 and where we still live

Tromso, Norway  We lived in the beautiful city of Tromsø from 1984-86.   Our third child, Darcy, was born just three weeks after we got to Tromsø

Darcy's first US passport picture

Reston, VA  Back to Reston from 1986-89.

Austin, our fourth baby, was born in the first year we were home.

Taipei, Taiwan We lived in Taiwan for a year while Nick studied Chinese in preparation for a tour in China.

I'll have to get back to putting pictures of Taipei here.

Guangzhou,  China  We stopped in Beijing and did some sightseeing before heading to Guangzhou.

We went to the Great Wall of China.  I was pregnant with Chance in this picture

  While we were in Guangzhou, we welcomed our fifth and last baby, Chance

Reston, VA from 1991to 1995, we were back in Reston.  The pictures loaded out of sequence.





Perth, Western Australia.  Perth is a beautiful city where we were lucky enough to live for three years.  We were there from 1995-98

Reston.  And now we are back home in Reston.  We have been here since 1998- the longest time we have lived in one place!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Places I have called home:

Portland, Oregon

Athens Greece


Alexandria, Virginia

Kabul, Afghanistan

Washington, D.C.

Wheaton, Maryland

College Park, Maryland

Bangkok, Thailand

College Park, MD

Poznan, Poland

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reston, Virginia

Tromso, Norway

Reston, VA

Taipei, Taiwan

Guangzhou,  China

Reston, VA

Perth, Western Australia


At some point I might put dates and pictures here.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feeling nostalgic

Today is my 62nd birthday and I am feeling nostalgic.   I have gone through a bunch of pictures and copied them onto my computer.  Some better than others.  I will post them here.  I may caption them at a later date.