Monday, April 6, 2020


Zoom is a new phenomenon, at least to me.  It is a program that allows meetings that are face to face in real time through the internet.

For two weeks now I have joined in a Zoom La Leche League meeting.   Yesterday Nick and I joined a Zoom meeting with members of our church/ dinner group.  It was really nice to stay connected with the people that we would normally be sitting and eating and talking with.  Also, it encouraged Nick and I to shower and get dressed.

It is so easy to stay in pajamas all day when there is so little structure to the day.  And for me that means not having  a shower.  Occasionally I think that is is good to take a mental health, pajamas all day kind of day.  But this seems to be the new normal.

Folks are joking about what day it is.  And honestly it is hard to keep track of the day and date.

An awful lot of my friends report having trouble falling asleep.  Getting to bed and to sleep at 2, 4 and 5 am and sleeping much of their day away.    Again,, under normal conditions, we would call this depression.  And maybe it is.  Maybe it's a "who cares" attitude.  Social distancing, the behavior that we strive for keeps us away from people. 

The world (my world anyway) seems so quiet.  There is so little traffic on the roads.  The neighborhood kids are not outside running around.  We have become a community of shut ins.

Now it is suggested that everyone wear masks.  I put a picture of my mask on the blog the other day .   I want to make more masks but just can;t seem to get going.

One of the things we have talked about (Nick and I that is) is how, even though we miss our parents, we are glad, for lack of a better word,glad they don't have to experience this pandemic.  We wouldn't be able to see them in person and it would be hard for all of us.

The real people, doctors and scientists are trying to drive home how serious this corona-virus is.  The president is acting in his usual buffoonery.  He is a fool, a narcissist, and a very dangerous person.

That's my ramble for this morning.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

day something

I can't remember when we actually started our quarantine at home.  I think that the last time I saw anyone was around 4 weeks ago when Austin and Chance came to move Austin's things out of the house.  No hugging was allowed.  The boys kept their distance as much as possible.

Masks seem to be the thing right now.  I am going crazy because I know that I am good at sewing.  I have multiple sewing machines and there's no excuse for me to not make masks now that we are supposed to wear them when we go out.  I have made one mask and attempted to make another one.  The pattern/ concept is super simple.  It's just that I have some sort of block that makes me find it too difficult.  Maybe tomorrow?

I will post some pictures here of my mask and the fabric that I have all ready to go.

I thing that I have done is to organize and put into binders a big bunch of letters.  These are the letters that we received from family while we served on our first overseas tour.  The dates are from 1976-78.  These do not even include all of the letters that I sent, or the letters from friends.    And it only covers two years!

And that's all I can write tonight.  (except to say that I just looked at a previous post here and see that I have already written a bit about the letters and binders.  It's okay.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

the quarantine makes me crazy

It's been a little bit over two weeks since we went into quarantine mode.   No visiting anyone.  No having anyone over.  Social distancing, the catch phrase of the times.   The Covid 19 is very contagious.  People are getting sick and some are dying.  Washing hands frequently and having hand sanitizer around are important.

It's just plain strange to sit and not really do anything but watch TV and knit.

So today I started on a project that I have thought about for years.  Organizing letters.  So far I am working on letters we have received over the years.  I'm pretty sure that there are letters that I wrote to people that were saved and returned to me too.

Here's what my work looks like so far:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Oh yeah!

I forgot, I cleaned out the pantry yesterday,  There were three trash bags full of expired foods.   It feels good to accomplish something.

I found a picture of my sister and I standing on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1970.  You could see the bridge in the picture, but I cropped it so my sister and I were closer.   We were both so young and blond!

Nick brought a box of letters in from the garage.  They are letters that we received when we were overseas mainly.  I wrote tons of letters, and I received a lot too.  There are boxes and boxes of letters.  Some, from friends or family, I might make copies of for myself and send the originals to the person who wrote them.

Okay, bed time now

What's normal?

Yesterday I decided to call some of my elderly relatives.   Almost the only ones left of my mom's family.

My mom's younger sister and her husband are really something.  They said that in all their years they have never experienced anything like this.  But, they told me stories about their lives- how he was in the service and it worked out well for him. They have raised 5 children and had their share of sick kids, broken bones, broken hearts to deal with.  But they always say "all in all we've had a pretty good life".  Someone else who lived through the exact things as them could say the opposite and complain about how hard life has been.  They are a good reminder and example of how to get through life.

In their 80s they are pretty up to date on some things.  They have Alexa, and sometimes Alexa talks and my aunt said it always startles her.  She reflected on how they would never have imagined having cell phones that you could just take anywhere with you!

I called my other aunt who lives on a farm with her daughter and son in law a a bunch of cats.  And horses but they don't come into the house.  My uncle, my mom's younger brother was her husband.  He died about two years ago.  My aunt said that my uncle was the love of her life.  She misses him.   I cannot imagine, but I guess that's a part of life.

The current situation with Covid 19 (coronavirus) is strange.   I am in the house and yard most of the time.  But that's fairly normal I guess.  True, I am not going out anywhere.  I go through moments that almost border on terror about what's going on.  And then I watch a TV show and work on my knitting and everything  just seems normal.

I guess every day we re-learn what normal is.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Random thoughts

Life.  yeah, life.  It seems like with this social distancing and self imposed isolation, I'd be getting all of the things I have been putting off, done.

Sewing?  I could do that.  I have a great sewing machine.  But I haven't touched needle and thread for ages.   Knitting.  yes, I have been knitting.  I've made two beautiful scarves.  I am working on a third.  But the one I am working on keeps getting messed up.  I cannot understand what's going on.  The pattern is 36 stitches wide.  Yet, every few rows I count and find that I have one fewer or one more than 36 stitches.    Of course I am not perfect.  It is normal to make a mistake, or find one when looking at a finished product.  And this is not a complicated pattern.  There are only two different row differences- rows 1&2 are the same, rows 3&4 are the same.  So what gives?

I think my mind is boggled.  My concentration is lacking.  I operate on automatic, but somehow that isn't good enough for this pattern being done by this person at this particular time in world history.

Nick and I often find ourselves in our pajamas much of the day.  One day I fell asleep in my clothes and just kept those clothes on all the next day

The kitchen floor needs to be swept.  The toilets need to be cleaned.   Vacuuming wouldn't be a bad idea.

There are canned goods in the pantry that passed their "use by" date.  Okay that's what I'll work on.  I'll clean and organize the pantry.
Or will I?   I don't know.  I feel that inertia is keeping me from moving.  From "doing". 

People are joking on Facebook about how much they (we) are all eating and the weight we are probably gaining.

I think we are all boggled,  uncertain of the future.  Scared.  Is this the end of the word?   Gun sales have gone up.  Will there be civil or uncivil disobedience?  Will houses get broken into and robbed by people seeking toilet paper?  There has been a lack of toilet paper in the stores due to people hoarding it.

I plod along.   I am still in my nightgown.  Buddy the dog is at the top of the stairs whining.  That's his "normal".   Unless some thine really exciting happens, like someone coming to the door,  Buddy has a phobia about stairs.  he will not walk down the stairs unless one of us is up stairs and behind him encouraging him.

I'll go upstairs now and get a shower, get dressed, and help Buddy come down the stairs

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

so now what?

All that is on the news is the story of Covid-19 aka corona virus.  There are more and more cases.  We have an insane narcissist for a president.     He is full of blather and no sense.  Making comments and predictions about something he knows nothing about.

On the one hand, I am really pretty comfortable with staying at home and maintaining "social distance" from the world.  On the other hand,  somewhere deep in my brain I am worried/ scared/ confused.   

I am not afraid to die (I tell myself) but I am not ready to go just yet.   I seem to get exotic illnesses and this is one that I really don't want.

I am knitting a fairly simple scarf pattern and yet I keep making mistakes.   I am not sure what I am doing wrong  I just know  that every few rows I count the stitches and I have too few or too many.  How did that happen?

I can't articulate everything going on in my head right now.

When will life ever be normal again?  Or will it?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corona virus

your Profile Photo, Image may contain: possible text that says '#StayHome It could save lives'

Right now I am supposed to be in the operating room having a knee replacement surgery on my right knee.  I wanted to get it done and get it over with.   But now there's "social distancing"   Which means we should not be in close contact with other people.  Knowing that I would be needing a lot of intense physical therapy, and knowing that means close contact, I decided that I should postpone the surgery.  No idea when it will happen at the point, but that's okay.

Sunday evening I went to bed so tired that I fell sleep in my clothes.  When I got up I figured, hey I I'm already dressed, so I didn't change.  I did put on a nightgown to sleep in last night.  And now here I am in my nightgown desperately needing a shower.  

We are on a self imposed quarantine I suppose.  Nick has gone out shopping a few times.  I resist because I honestly and concerned about getting this disease.  I think that I am pretty healthy.  But somehow I tend to get weird and exotic things. So I stay home.

I am knitting another scarf.   I'm sure at the end of this I will have a pile of scarves and dish clothes to show for my time.    Not sure what I will do with all of these things, but it keeps me busy.

As much as I miss my parents and Nick's parents, I am not sorry that they re not here right now.  I would be a wreck worrying about them and their health and well being.  My own kids are worried about my/ our health.

Okay,  time to shower and change out of my smelly nightgown  and get back to my knitting.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hello Boomer

CNN)Dear Boomers,
We've had our differences. You don't like that we're still living in your basement, not paying rent and taking selfies with our avocado toast. We don't like that you sat back and let so many terrible things happen, like Steely Dan and climate change.
But today, we're going to move past "OK, Boomer." We're going to stop posting EmojiGrams, put down our phones, and have one of those Serious Talks you like so much. Are you ready?
See, Boomers, we're worried about you. We're worried you aren't taking this virus seriously enough.
We're worried you might get very sick at a time that hospitals are overloaded with other sick people
We know, we know. You're healthy, for your age (somewhere between 56 and 74)! You're strong, all things considered! You exercise regularly! You went hiking in Peru just a few weeks or years ago or hunting with your buddies from your old job. Anyway, we know, disease barely touches you!
Doctor: Coronavirus like an 'angel of death' for elderly

Doctor: Coronavirus like an 'angel of death' for elderly 02:14
But there's a reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending all people over 60 years old — not just unhealthy ones — stay home. Today and for the foreseeable future while this pandemic plays out.
Look at the numbers from South Korea, or Italy, or China, Boomers. For those between ages 60 to 70, the case fatality rate is somewhere between 1.44% (in South Korea) and 3.6% (in China). And it goes up from there dramatically if you're older. That includes a lot of relatively healthy people, like you. Please don't assume this thing will pass you by. As annoying as you are sometimes — and we say this with love — we are not at all interested in taking a 1/30 chance on your life. (See, we were listening when you tried to teach us about probability all those times.)
And we hate to say it but the time to act is now.
We know that seems aggressive when there are just a few coronavirus cases in your neck of the woods. But it's what the epidemiologists are saying. Days matter, and the earlier everyone starts staying home and distancing themselves from others, the more people will make it through this OK.
I know what you're thinking: "My children and grandchildren are saying they can't visit because of science and public health now? How convenient." But it's not an excuse, we swear, and we're happy to triple down on FaceTime to prove it.

Travelers share their coronavirus complications 03:08
If you won't start exercising extreme caution, today, for yourself — which we really hope you will — do it for your friends and for everyone else who is older or immuno-compromised. The fewer people that get this virus at the same time, the less hospitals will be overwhelmed, and the better they'll be able to take care of the people who are sick.
Staying healthy yourselves is an act that might save other peoples' lives. And if that means you need to hole up with a few seasons of "Masterpiece Theater" or "NCIS" or whatever weird shows you watch instead of "Game of Thrones," that seems like a worthwhile trade to make. (And if you do watch "Game of Thrones," we don't want to talk to you about all the sex scenes. Even though we're all grownups now, it's still, just ... don't.)
So, what should you do? You probably know the drill. Reduce your social contact as much as possible, for everything that's not an emergency. Cancel bowling, singing group, yoga, your book club, your other book club, that book club you've stopped going to anyway, and beers at the bar. If you go to church, skip that for now and pray at home. Get vaccinated for flu and pneumonia. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. There's a more complete list here.

Lawmaker gets CDC chief to promise free coronavirus tests 04:37
In exchange, here's what we'll do. We'll happily help get you supplies. We'll talk through your plans if anything goes wrong. We'll provide free IT support to help you video chat, order groceries online, and start playing Minecraft. If this means that we must accept more viral email forwards, that's a trade we are willing to make. Ask us for help.
Boomers, you're probably sick of us alternating between rolling our eyes and admonishing you. You're probably sick of us learning something and then acting like we were the first people in human history to ever discover it. You're sick of being told you're doing things wrong.
But it's better to be sick of us than to get sick yourself. We're writing today because we care about you. And we want you to stay safe.
Just like you wanted us to stay safe when we were kids.
We love you, Boomers. We should probably say that more often, but we love you and we appreciate everything you've done for us in our lives. And we'll call you in a little bit to check in.
The Millennials

Friday, March 13, 2020

Hunkering Down

The world is experiencing a pandemic.  Corona virus is popping up all over the world. According to the CDC there are 110 countries affected by this disease now.  

These numbers are changing rapidly for the worse.  People are on self quarantine.  Stores are crowded and people are storing up necessities.   It's almost a joke that people are stocking up on toilet paper.   It is something that I guess we all need.   Hoarding is for real.

Watching the news feels like watching a doomsday movie.  Like there is something evil letting itself into everyone's lives.  Not sure how it ends.  Pretty badly for the sick, dieing or the families of those already dead.

People are still wondering if it's real.  Is it a hoax?  

Meanwhile we try to be "normal".   Worrying about ourselves.  Trying not to go out into the sick world.

And, me, I have hives. an allergic reaction to an antibiotic I have been taking for a UTI.   I see the doctor in a while about my hives.

I am scheduled to have a knee replacement surgery next week.   Tuesday March 17th.    I hope that the hives don't have any impact on my surgery.  If so I guess I'll re-book at a later date.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

And time keeps moving fast

We lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 1981- 1983.  When we arrived there, Courtney was three and Morgan was six months old.   Our predecessors had a maid, cook, gardener and baby maid.  Through correspondence, I asked them to find other work for the baby maid.  I was going to be home with my kids full time.

The cook lasted for a while, but I had to send her to look for work elsewhere.    So we had the maid and gardener, a married couple and their two children.  Daughter Ann was a few years older than Courtney, and they were best friends!

I spent many hours with Alec and Julie.  The kids really loved them and they loved the kids.   They really felt like family we were so close.

It was Alec and Julie who paid me the greatest compliment on my mothering I ever received.   Since we practiced co-sleeping (the kids slept with us), and extended breastfeeding, they told me that I raised my babies just like a Thai.  For Thai parents, attachment parenting is the norm.

After we left Thailand I lost touch.  I was fortunate enough to be able to make a trip to Thailand in 1987.  Austin and I attended a WHO conference as a representative of La Leche League. While there, we visited friends in Bangkok and flew up to Chiang Mai.

I had a La Leche League Group while we were living in Chiang Mai, and had kept in touch with many of the moms I met there.  I was lucky enough to have a friend to stay with.  She knew where I could find Alec and Julie.  Austin and I were able to go to their house and have a visit.

Since then we have exchanged a few notes here and there.

In the years in between then and now, Alec and Julie immigrated to the US and became US citizens!    They are now retired and have had a house built in Chiang Mai.

Alec and Julie are in Virginia for a while visiting.  Alec contacted me, and we were able to get together yesterday for the first time in 37 year.

So much time has passed and so many things in our lives have changed.   But the feelings, closeness, friendship and love are still there.   I have an album/ scrapbook with pictures of our time in Chiang Mail.  It was pretty neat to look through it together!

I called Morgan, and put the phone on speaker.  They remember him as a curly haired little boy and now he is a 39 year old man.   Morgan (and the whole family) was invited to visit them in Chiang Mai!

We took them to the Thai temple near our house.  It was closed, but they were about to see it from the outside.  Then we all went to lunch together at a Thai restaurant.   Alec talked mostly English.  Julie and I chattered away in Thai.  I get stuck now and then when I can't remember a word, but for the most part we did very well.

It's friends and connections that make my world a happy place!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

My how time flies!

Last week, after much planning, my high school friend, Celestine and I met for lunch.   She and I went to the Barrie School together in the late 60's  she went there for a year or two and then went to different schools.  I went there all through high school- graduating in 1972.

As far as I can figure it has been 50 years, more or less, since we have seen or spoken to each other. It's only through Facebook that we found each other.  

I have some old pictures, but they must be on my desktop computer.  

Nick and I got together with a few Barrie folks about 10 years ago.  And I went to a small gathering at an alum's house around 5 years ago.  But this is the first time Celestine and I have gotten together.

Life is funny.  We have both had our separate lives.  We've both raised families.  She has grandchildren and even one grandchild.  I don't have any.

But at lunch, we were just a couple of girls talking as if we just saw each other a week earlier.

Life is amazing that way.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Great line-

Just watched an episode of Law and Order on TV  there was a line that I thoughtwas great:

"No matter how fast you run, you can't run away from your family"

How true is that?   

More later

Sunday, February 16, 2020



I copied this from Facebook.   I think about my kids all the time.  I am always afraid/ cautious about what I say and what I ask.

Sometimes the reactions to my communication, I feel that the kids think I am being judgemental or intrusive.   I'd love to know what my kids are up to.  Are they working?  Happy?  Lonely?  Busy?  I love them all so much.   I hope that they all know that. 

One time I sent an email sharing my thoughts on how I perceive my environment and the awe in appreciating nature.   Imagining the animals and people who have trod there.   The reply I got from my child was that everything was going great until my email arrived. Somehow my joy was perceived as an attack and insult, or even  overly nosy. I was crushed and puzzled.

I miss my kids

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I have been feeling really down lately.   I think it started a few weeks ago.  At Weight Watchers, the woman who leads the group was talking about her weight loss.  She lost 100 lb and has kept it off for 15 years.  Okay, fine.

Then I started thinking.  In 15 years I will be 80.  Fifteen years isn't a very long time, but 80 seems pretty old!  I know the joke "consider the alternative".   But as a reality it really hit me hard.

Also birthdays.  Courtney and Morgan both have birthdays in the next few weeks.   She'll be 42 and he'll be 39.   And I won't be seeing them on their birthdays.   I cannot remember when we last celebrated their birthdays as a whole family together.  When they were living at home I feel like they were still mine.  My kids.  My babies.  Now they are these whole, aging, independent adults.

The whole passage of time and aging is a common theme in my writing.  I guess because it's where I am and what I am thinking and obsessing about.

Nick has been scanning old pictures.  I have been helping him identify some of them.  He cannot always tell which child or baby is in the picture, but I am pretty confident that I can.

There's a shoe box full of letters sitting on the round table.  Actually, there are lots of shoe boxes of letters, but it's the only one that I have been in today.  They are funny and informative.  And make me remember things I had forgotten.  And I wrote about things that I don't remember, but since I wrote them I guess they happened.

Dale and I sitting in our old family car.  I think it was a Nash Rambler

Curly haired me at about age 3, probably in Greece

My grandparents, my dad and my uncles.   I am guessing around 1934

Sisters 1964

Carol's high school graduation 1966

Nick before I knew him.  One his motorcycle in Dijon, France

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Feeling blah

I am so tired and without energy.  I think I might be anemic.  I noticed that I have been chewing ice, a symptom of anemia.  And, as I said, tired.

I've started taking iron, so I am hoping that will help.

On top of it all, I feel like I might be fighting a stomach bug today.

I tripped on a rug the other day and fell mainly on my new (artificial) knee.  I didn't break it which is good, but my whole legs is sore as is most of my body.

I finished up a knitting project I was working on, so that's a good thing!  No pictures yet.  After the person I am sending it to receives it, then I'll post a picture.

Just over five weeks until my next knee replacement surgery.  The left one was done in August and the right will be done in March.   I know now how rough the recovery is.  But I also know how good it will be to have two working knees!

One hundred forty five days until Courtney and I go on our Alaska cruise.  I am really looking forward to that!

Courtney will be 42 on the 25th of this month and Morgan will be 39 a week later.  

Nick and I think about and talk about the kids all the time.  They were all over us as little kids and as babies.  They needed us.  They also cuddled us and gave us unconditional love.   I am happy that they are all so self sufficient, but I do miss them.

Before we had internet, and when we were living overseas, I wrote letters.  A lot of letters.  Mainly to family, mine and Nick's.  But also any friends who wrote to me.    I longed for mail from home.   I would get so sad when nothing came in the mail.  At one point I subscribed to at least 12 magazines just so there would always be mail.

Now we rarely get any postal mail and we get very little real- personal email either.

That's progress? 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Blog posts from our cruise

January 23, 2020 4:15 pm

Sitting in Baltimore Harbor waiting for the ship, Grandeur of the Seas to sail.   The ship boarded late because there was illness on the previous cruise and hey had to clean and sanitize the ship.   We wanted lunch but food service in the dining room ended at 3:00 so we didn’t get that.  Oh well, we did find potato chips and munched on them.

January 24th 9:00am

Last evening, we must have walked a hundred miles.  At least it felt like it.  From one end of the ship to the other and back.  Didn’t really have lunch aside from a bag of potato chips.   Had dinner with three people from Philadelphia who invited us back to their table.  Saves us the hassle of reserving a table or searching for a place to sit every evening.

We the went to a show last night.  It was the intro to the various performances we can see during the cruise.

Woke up to a rainbow out the window.  I took some pictures which I will put on here when I am online again.

I really enjoyed breakfast. 
The food was good, but the people watching was great!   I noticed how so many people are wearing t-shirts and torn jeans (a current style).   Nobody was dressed up.  Funny how  the snob in me has an image of cruises made up of people all dressed up in their elegant finery.   When you spend this much money you expect that.  But, these trips are probably as practical if not more practical than many vacations.   I think one of the reasons I scoffed at cruises for so long is that it seemed frivolous.  I am more of a snob that I realized or would like to admit.

Watching the family at a table near us at breakfast was a study in families.  A small one, but relatable as the parents dealt with their six kids.  The mother ever vigilant watching over her brood.  She was constantly aware of who was doing what.  Talking to the teen daughters while keeping an eye on the little ones.  She didn’t look as totally relaxed as I was.  And I felt and remember that feeling.   Even a vacation is work.   Both parents speaking a different language- it sounded Polish but I was not close enough to tell.  The teen daughters speaking American teen.   The two youngest required more of their mother’s attention than the others   One little girl, I would guess the fifth of the six children had an attitude.  She was determined to find everything unfair and not to her liking, When the youngest had a  doughnut the little girls crossed her arms and stuck out her bottom lip.  Mom tore the doughnut in half and gave the little girl half.  The younger child, a little boy didn’t complain.  I guess he was used to it.

The multiple languages being spoken is something surprised me a bit.  Too many British shows I suspect.  They all speak English on those shows.   There was a couple at a table near us who I would guess were American.  Three Chinese people sat down to share the table.  I have scripted them in my head as a couple and someone’s mother.  The “mother”, the older woman, sat as the others went for food.  The “grandma” studied the white couple as if they were something new and strange.  She put her glasses on to look.  She lowered her glasses on her nose and looked over them to be sure she of what she was looking at.  The couple didn’t seem to notice.  I wonder what the older woman was thinking she looked so serious.

It feels like we are “supposed to” be doing something.  But we are on vacation.  We don’t have to do anything we don’t want to.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take a shower before we hear out again, or not.  Tonight, is formal night.  That means I will put on the long skirt I got for the occasion and the sparkly shirt I borrowed from my sister.   I’ll put on makeup and put hairspray in my hair.  Nick will wear slacks and a shirt, tie and jacket.   We will all be dressed up and feeling a bit fancy and a bit silly at the same time.

January 25, 2020
Day 3  7:54 pm
Yesterday after breakfast, Nick was not feeling well, so he slept most of the day.  I napped some and wandered around some.  Had lunch with a retired Foreign Service couple (he was the officer she the spouse) That was fun.

One of the things I did yesterday that seemed like a good idea at the time, was go to the fitness room.  I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike, which was fine.  Then I did the leg press and the leg curl and boy did I hurt!  My right knee was so painful it was even painful to walk with my cane.
Nick was able to get up for dinner and we sat with our table mates.  Three people, friends, from Philadelphia.  Ken and Aniela are a couple and George is their friend. Very nice with lots of stories.

We went to a pub quiz, but the caller’s English was hard to understand which makes for a difficult trivia quiz.  

Saw a stage show “Beatle Mania”.  I was excellent!
Today, Saturday we went to a “Meet and Mingle”.  I met a guy with a tattoo of his dog’s paw.   His dog was 11 years old when he died 

Not sure what all we did, but it was a nice restful day with naps between meals. 
I love to people watch.   With my knee so painful, and needing to use my cane, I found myself thinking “I’m one of those people”.  The old, overweight cripples.   It’s hard to sit in a chair.  It’s hard to get up from a chair.  It’s hard to walk.    I am overweight as are probably the majority of the people on this cruise.

After a nap (before dinner) my knee was feeling much better and I am walking without my cane for the moment.   I know that losing the 100 lbs. I need to lose will make me feel so much better.  More mobile and lighter on my feet.  That and getting my right knee replaced (and recovering) will be wonderful.

There’s no mistaking my 65-year-old body for my 20 something or 30 something body, or even later.  I am starting to understand the quest for the fountain of youth.  Not that being younger is so desirable.  But the physical changes that come with age and annoying at best and handicapping at worst.

Day 6 11:15 am
January 28, 2020

Yesterday we went to Coco Cay.  It’s changed dramatically since 4 years ago when my sister and I were there.  It’s a real water park/ amusement park.    

We just sat in beach chairs and enjoyed the weather.  We each took turns walking to the water to put a toe into the cold water.   Lunch was buffet style and a bit chaotic.   The wind whipped up and we headed back to the ship.   Walking on the beach and also the long walkway to the beach was pretty hard on my knees!

The other night we went to a comedy show that was great.  Not sure when we saw the “Love and Marriage” show, but it was really a lot of fun!

This morning we had to get up and leave the ship by 6:45 so we could go through US customs in Florida.  Not a terrible hassle but it took a couple of hours.

I really enjoy the people we sit with almost every meal.  Dinner we are pretty committed to three people who are friends, traveling together from Pennsylvania.   Breakfast and lunch, we never know if we’ll eat alone or share a table.  So far, I have enjoyed all of the people we have met.

We’ve been going to the trivia games too.  Sometimes we get a person reading the questions who’s first language is NOT English.  That can be challenging but it all works out.
Who knew that Nick would be so social!

January 28, 2020

We saw pelicans.  Lots of them flying over the boat.   Here are a few of the pictures I took.

There were beautiful mornings seeing the sun rise and also spectacular sunsets.  I'll post some pictures here.



 Sunset Pictures