Friday, May 25, 2018

Where did the last two months go?

I was just checking in and see that I haven't posted anything here since March, and now it's the end of May.

Well, in April, the ,movers came to give us an estimate.  Then the house inspector to tell us what needs to be attended to.  I  Went to the orthodontist for a braces check.  Actually I have invisalign braces.  Yes I am getting my teeth straightened again.  I had braces as a teen and now I feel that I need them again.

I got an estimate on getting a new roof, painting the interior of the house,  repairing the deck and also the windows that need fixing.  Now, mind you, all of these things have needed to be done for a while.  But, since we are hoping to sell this house, we are now doing everything.   I guess that's what you do when you sell your house.

Nick and Austin went on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean and then to the UK on a Beatles tour and other great stuff.

Had the sunken front step and the driveway repaired.  Got carpet installed.  Had to appear for jury duty- I didn't get called to be on a jury, but got paid $30.00.  I spoke about breastfeeding at "Love your baby day"

Had a bladder infection and was on antibiotics.  Follow up after the antibiotics found me with chest pain and six or seven hours in the ER.  Followed by more doctor visits and a day full of  cardiac tests.

Oh yeah, the other day I had a laser procedure on my right eye to zap the "floaters" that came after my brain surgery.

In between those things, I was feted for my birthday, first by my sister and her granddaughters, them with my women's group.

The weekly breastfeeding cafe' drop in gatherings at Starbucks  continue on Tuesdays.  I missed a few times because of various medical things.

There's been rain rain rain this month.  Fortunately, there has been no water in the basement.  Austin's cat, "Cat", is staying with us while the traveling is going on.

Nick got home yesterday.  Minus his and Austin's luggage.   Austin has gone on to Norway for a week.

A part of me knows that I would have really enjoyed the traveling that  Nick and Austin have done for the last five weeks.  But, I have enjoyed the emails and pictures and hearing about the things seen, done and experienced.    How often does a father get to spend time like that with his adult child.

Courtney has bought a new house in Portland, Oregon.  Morgan has bought a piece of land in California.   Darcy and Jody are in Portland, Austin and Chance's residences are in Richmond.

Whew.  I feel like I just wrote a Christmas letter!

Today we went to our new house to pick out some of the furniture we want to buy (it's a furnished, model home).  It's funny to see the house we will live in soon and then come home to our current house.

Now to watch Judge Judy and think about what to fix for dinner,