Monday, April 6, 2020


Zoom is a new phenomenon, at least to me.  It is a program that allows meetings that are face to face in real time through the internet.

For two weeks now I have joined in a Zoom La Leche League meeting.   Yesterday Nick and I joined a Zoom meeting with members of our church/ dinner group.  It was really nice to stay connected with the people that we would normally be sitting and eating and talking with.  Also, it encouraged Nick and I to shower and get dressed.

It is so easy to stay in pajamas all day when there is so little structure to the day.  And for me that means not having  a shower.  Occasionally I think that is is good to take a mental health, pajamas all day kind of day.  But this seems to be the new normal.

Folks are joking about what day it is.  And honestly it is hard to keep track of the day and date.

An awful lot of my friends report having trouble falling asleep.  Getting to bed and to sleep at 2, 4 and 5 am and sleeping much of their day away.    Again,, under normal conditions, we would call this depression.  And maybe it is.  Maybe it's a "who cares" attitude.  Social distancing, the behavior that we strive for keeps us away from people. 

The world (my world anyway) seems so quiet.  There is so little traffic on the roads.  The neighborhood kids are not outside running around.  We have become a community of shut ins.

Now it is suggested that everyone wear masks.  I put a picture of my mask on the blog the other day .   I want to make more masks but just can;t seem to get going.

One of the things we have talked about (Nick and I that is) is how, even though we miss our parents, we are glad, for lack of a better word,glad they don't have to experience this pandemic.  We wouldn't be able to see them in person and it would be hard for all of us.

The real people, doctors and scientists are trying to drive home how serious this corona-virus is.  The president is acting in his usual buffoonery.  He is a fool, a narcissist, and a very dangerous person.

That's my ramble for this morning.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

day something

I can't remember when we actually started our quarantine at home.  I think that the last time I saw anyone was around 4 weeks ago when Austin and Chance came to move Austin's things out of the house.  No hugging was allowed.  The boys kept their distance as much as possible.

Masks seem to be the thing right now.  I am going crazy because I know that I am good at sewing.  I have multiple sewing machines and there's no excuse for me to not make masks now that we are supposed to wear them when we go out.  I have made one mask and attempted to make another one.  The pattern/ concept is super simple.  It's just that I have some sort of block that makes me find it too difficult.  Maybe tomorrow?

I will post some pictures here of my mask and the fabric that I have all ready to go.

I thing that I have done is to organize and put into binders a big bunch of letters.  These are the letters that we received from family while we served on our first overseas tour.  The dates are from 1976-78.  These do not even include all of the letters that I sent, or the letters from friends.    And it only covers two years!

And that's all I can write tonight.  (except to say that I just looked at a previous post here and see that I have already written a bit about the letters and binders.  It's okay.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

the quarantine makes me crazy

It's been a little bit over two weeks since we went into quarantine mode.   No visiting anyone.  No having anyone over.  Social distancing, the catch phrase of the times.   The Covid 19 is very contagious.  People are getting sick and some are dying.  Washing hands frequently and having hand sanitizer around are important.

It's just plain strange to sit and not really do anything but watch TV and knit.

So today I started on a project that I have thought about for years.  Organizing letters.  So far I am working on letters we have received over the years.  I'm pretty sure that there are letters that I wrote to people that were saved and returned to me too.

Here's what my work looks like so far:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Oh yeah!

I forgot, I cleaned out the pantry yesterday,  There were three trash bags full of expired foods.   It feels good to accomplish something.

I found a picture of my sister and I standing on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1970.  You could see the bridge in the picture, but I cropped it so my sister and I were closer.   We were both so young and blond!

Nick brought a box of letters in from the garage.  They are letters that we received when we were overseas mainly.  I wrote tons of letters, and I received a lot too.  There are boxes and boxes of letters.  Some, from friends or family, I might make copies of for myself and send the originals to the person who wrote them.

Okay, bed time now

What's normal?

Yesterday I decided to call some of my elderly relatives.   Almost the only ones left of my mom's family.

My mom's younger sister and her husband are really something.  They said that in all their years they have never experienced anything like this.  But, they told me stories about their lives- how he was in the service and it worked out well for him. They have raised 5 children and had their share of sick kids, broken bones, broken hearts to deal with.  But they always say "all in all we've had a pretty good life".  Someone else who lived through the exact things as them could say the opposite and complain about how hard life has been.  They are a good reminder and example of how to get through life.

In their 80s they are pretty up to date on some things.  They have Alexa, and sometimes Alexa talks and my aunt said it always startles her.  She reflected on how they would never have imagined having cell phones that you could just take anywhere with you!

I called my other aunt who lives on a farm with her daughter and son in law a a bunch of cats.  And horses but they don't come into the house.  My uncle, my mom's younger brother was her husband.  He died about two years ago.  My aunt said that my uncle was the love of her life.  She misses him.   I cannot imagine, but I guess that's a part of life.

The current situation with Covid 19 (coronavirus) is strange.   I am in the house and yard most of the time.  But that's fairly normal I guess.  True, I am not going out anywhere.  I go through moments that almost border on terror about what's going on.  And then I watch a TV show and work on my knitting and everything  just seems normal.

I guess every day we re-learn what normal is.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Random thoughts

Life.  yeah, life.  It seems like with this social distancing and self imposed isolation, I'd be getting all of the things I have been putting off, done.

Sewing?  I could do that.  I have a great sewing machine.  But I haven't touched needle and thread for ages.   Knitting.  yes, I have been knitting.  I've made two beautiful scarves.  I am working on a third.  But the one I am working on keeps getting messed up.  I cannot understand what's going on.  The pattern is 36 stitches wide.  Yet, every few rows I count and find that I have one fewer or one more than 36 stitches.    Of course I am not perfect.  It is normal to make a mistake, or find one when looking at a finished product.  And this is not a complicated pattern.  There are only two different row differences- rows 1&2 are the same, rows 3&4 are the same.  So what gives?

I think my mind is boggled.  My concentration is lacking.  I operate on automatic, but somehow that isn't good enough for this pattern being done by this person at this particular time in world history.

Nick and I often find ourselves in our pajamas much of the day.  One day I fell asleep in my clothes and just kept those clothes on all the next day

The kitchen floor needs to be swept.  The toilets need to be cleaned.   Vacuuming wouldn't be a bad idea.

There are canned goods in the pantry that passed their "use by" date.  Okay that's what I'll work on.  I'll clean and organize the pantry.
Or will I?   I don't know.  I feel that inertia is keeping me from moving.  From "doing". 

People are joking on Facebook about how much they (we) are all eating and the weight we are probably gaining.

I think we are all boggled,  uncertain of the future.  Scared.  Is this the end of the word?   Gun sales have gone up.  Will there be civil or uncivil disobedience?  Will houses get broken into and robbed by people seeking toilet paper?  There has been a lack of toilet paper in the stores due to people hoarding it.

I plod along.   I am still in my nightgown.  Buddy the dog is at the top of the stairs whining.  That's his "normal".   Unless some thine really exciting happens, like someone coming to the door,  Buddy has a phobia about stairs.  he will not walk down the stairs unless one of us is up stairs and behind him encouraging him.

I'll go upstairs now and get a shower, get dressed, and help Buddy come down the stairs

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

so now what?

All that is on the news is the story of Covid-19 aka corona virus.  There are more and more cases.  We have an insane narcissist for a president.     He is full of blather and no sense.  Making comments and predictions about something he knows nothing about.

On the one hand, I am really pretty comfortable with staying at home and maintaining "social distance" from the world.  On the other hand,  somewhere deep in my brain I am worried/ scared/ confused.   

I am not afraid to die (I tell myself) but I am not ready to go just yet.   I seem to get exotic illnesses and this is one that I really don't want.

I am knitting a fairly simple scarf pattern and yet I keep making mistakes.   I am not sure what I am doing wrong  I just know  that every few rows I count the stitches and I have too few or too many.  How did that happen?

I can't articulate everything going on in my head right now.

When will life ever be normal again?  Or will it?