Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm 60, so now what?

I got these beautiful flowers from my kids.   This picture is cropped to show off the flowers and the card.  I was also either called or texted by all of my kids, my cousins, my Aunt Gerry & Uncle John- who sang to me, my sister in law Betsy, who also sang.  Whew!

I do not understand all of the magic and mystery that is the internet.  Somehow Google knew it was my birthday.  I got a picture before it disappeared at midnight:

I have a tentative date for my surgery, June 2.  It seems to be taking longer than I would like, but, just because my schedule is open doesn't mean the surgical team's schedule is.  So I have another month of tumor stress.  Then I will have recovery stress.  I wonder how different that will be.

I am really happy with all of the birthday wishes I got today.  I won't ever be this age again.  I wonder if and when it will hit me- that I am 60?   I wonder...

We actually had a very simple, quiet birthday- aside from all of the calls and texts.  We had so much chocolate in the form of brownies over the weekend that I couldn't handle the thought of a birthday cake.  Austin's girlfriend, Katy, baked brownies for Austin's birthday, plus gluten free brownies for me.

Nick and Austin and I had carry out Chinese food, which is just what I wanted.  We watched Jeopardy together.  Then Nick and I watched the  Bletchley Circle followed by Midsomer Murders

That's all for now.  Nick is asleep, and I think I will join him!

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