Thursday, May 29, 2014

I lied

yes, I lied.  I am not writing about kitchens.  Not right now. 

I have created a Caring Bridge page:

It depresses me because it makes all of this more real.    It seems like a good idea because it is a place where family and friends can keep track of what is going on with me medically.  I can write- or Courtney or Carol or any other family member.  And it is out there.  Less stress of contacting everyone individually.  Less stress of having everyone call and check on me.   But sad.   This is not something I ever wanted.

I am always preaching that allowing others to help is a gift to the giver as well as to the recipient.  Most of the time I am the "giver".  I support and educate new moms.  I try to listen to my kids and their ideas.  And so on and so on. "Og så videre", as we say in Norwegian.

Now I am the recipient.

And life goes on.   Another day closer to finding good health and energy.

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