Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best laid plans and all that stuff

Nick left for his overseas trip today.  When I got home from the airport I was tempted to get going through the house and let the cleaning begin.   But then I decided not to.  I felt like I could easily burn out and not just get some rest, which I often seem to need, or at least enjoy.

I did get my two birthday gift hydrangea bushes planted.   I sat and watched TV.  Austin went and got us Taco Bell for dinner.

The plan was to get to bed by 10:00pm and get up at 6 in the morning.  Well, morning is here and I am not asleep.  I suck at getting to sleep.  I get in the bed, turn out the lights, and decided I have to go to the bathroom.   So after the bathroom, I get back into bed and I hear the dog whimpering somewhere.   He's under the bed.  He had lunged at Beta (cat) earlier and Tigger (another cat) took a swat at him.  So, Buddy, knowing that Tigger was on the bed, was afraid to get on the bed.

Now Buddy is whining even louder and with some urgency.   He needs to go out.  I get up, find a flash light and walk all around the yard with Buddy.  He has me trained!

So now, it's after midnight.  I have to check Nick's flight status.  The airline has a little map that shows the progress of the flight.  Nick is 8 hours into a 14 hour flight.  His plane appears to have crossed the Atlantic and is almost over land.

I have been looking forward to the time "off" when Nick is away.   But I am never really off.  For one thing, I have three cats and a dog who kind of seem to enjoy my company.   And a big house.   And all that.

Maybe Nick shouldn't have gone.  I want him to come home now.  Are we done yet?   One day down, 41 to go.   Kabul.  So far away.   I'll be fine.  If I ever get some sleep! 

This map was broadcasting in real time, so I guess that since they've landed, it's just a regular map.  Gonna keep it here anyway.
Flight Information Map

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Not sure I understand why everything changes, but it does.  And I will be a mother all my life!