Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vertigo out, Steroids in, Headaches staying put

The exercises that were done to get rid of my vertigo seem to have worked.  Checking back in my notes, I see that I first mentioned the vertigo and generally feeling crummy on March 3rd.   How about that!  I didn't realize I had been troubled by it for so long.

I know that the headaches are more recent.  I'm not sure exactly when they started.  I started my new thyroid medication on February 14th which may or may not have anything to do with why I am having headaches.

I mean, after all, I DO really have a brain tumor.   How weird is that to say?

I started on the steroids yesterday- a medrol pack.   After two full days, I can say that there is some slight improvements in the headaches.   Not sure why I put a plural "s" there since it is constant.   We went out for a while this afternoon and I felt alright.  Not wonderful, but good enough to enjoy myself.  The steroids are making me feel a little "jumpy"

We went to a fiber fair in Vienna, VA.   People, farmers, were selling their roving and they yarn and weaving gear.  There was a circle of spinning wheels in the center of the room being worked on by a bunch of folks who look like they know what they are doing.
I made this for myself in 1975 when I was 21.  

We have been to the bigger fiber fairs where there are barns and barns full of fiber/ yarn fare.   But this was inside a community center, so it was big enough to see a great variety without getting worn out like we do at the big country fairs.

Of course, if I had a ton of money there are so many different yarns I would have bought.  The hand spun alpaca wool.  The hand painted lambs wool.  The heavy Irish yarn to make an Irish sweater for Nick.   It is all just such wonderful eye candy.

Here is a picture of Courtney wearing a long sweater  I made for myself almost 40 years ago!

Today the weather was perfect.  It got up to 70 degrees. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be colder.  Tuesday there is still talk of snow!

Oh yes, the exciting, almost tragic, non event of the day.  There was a lock down at Dulles Town Center.  There were reports of a gunman in the mall.   Turns out, someone over heard a couple of women talking about shootings in malls and panicked and called the police.  I am very happy that it turned out to be a non event!

Ok bed, here I come!  Nite nite!

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