Thursday, March 13, 2014


I am so glad I choose to have kids. I cannot imagine how life would be without them. Yes, I have tons of friends. Yes, I am busy and smart and competent and hard working. Yes I get a lot done. Yes there are things that having kids slowed down for me- like getting my BA at 50 instead of at 20. But the love from the touch of a baby at the breast, the pride in watching your second grader play a scarecrow and your third grader play Martha Washington- having given you 24 hours notice that she needs a costume. These things, I would have missed without knowing what I was even missing.
Regrets? Yes. I regret not being kinder and more patient. I regret shouting and saying unkind words. I really do. But I have not one second of regret at having become a mom. I am not "Just a mom". I am so many many things. But being a mom is the best, most joyful and painful and exhausting of all of those things.
Yes, I choose the kids.

The above are my comments and my true feelings.   The photo below is something I lifted from Facebook

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