Thursday, March 20, 2014

More doctor visits

This morning we met with our second neurosurgeon.  He seemed to think that my vertigo was not caused by my tumor, that it was maybe the result of a virus, and that it night go away on it's own.

One interesting that I had not thought about was the possibility that even if I have surgery to remove my brain tumor, I might still have headaches. Hmm.   Something to think about.  The doc prescribed steroids to see if they would effect whatever it is that is causing my constant companion- the headache.  I start them in the morning and will see how they work.

I didn't bother to mention to him that I had an appointment with an ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor in the afternoon. 

The first order of business at the ENT doc was a hearing test.  I didn't understand why, but went along with it.

After the test, the doctor came and examined me and talked about what's going on.   She explained that if the vertigo were tumor related, it would have shown up on the hearing test by the way I responded to the sounds waves.  Near as I could understand, if the vertigo was from the tumor, the sound would have made a different mark.  Not a good explanation, but I feel like I understood when she explained it.

Next the ENT doc took me into another room to see if she could help make the vertigo go away.  She had me lie on the exam table and turn my head- which made me very dizzy while the doc observed my eyes bouncing around in my head.   Then she had me put my head in various positions while lying on my back, my side and while sitting.  All the while she was holding a vibrator (yes a pink, 6" vibrator) behind my right ear.  I told her that I had never used one in that way before!

Well, I guess it worked.   The idea was to try to get the little loose "crystals" to go back where they belong- in the inner ear, and stop the dizziness.

I have not gone to bed yet to see if I will get dizzy.  My hope is that I won't.

So I am on a watch and wait right now.  I have an appointment to go back to neurosurgeon #2 in one month.  

Meanwhile, totally unrelated, I have a weird bite or something under my left eye.   It almost looks like I got punched in the eye, except it is pink, not black and blue.  There is a tiny hard spot in the middle of the swelling.  I was in the basement yesterday for the first time in ages and I think it might be a spider bite.  Time will tell if it is going to get bigger or just go away.

Ok, enough for tonight.  Bed time!

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