Friday, March 7, 2014

How did I get so lucky?

I love to come here and bitch and moan.  Who doesn't like a good pity party now and then.

Then I think about what I DO have.   I have a husband who drives me nuts sometimes, but who I know I can trust more than anyone else in the world.  His love is unconditional.   Swoon.  My love for him is beyond words it is so big.

And my kids.  Not really kids at all.  Amazing, interesting, bright, caring adults.   They are all similar in some ways. They share a lot of history.  But, they are each unique individuals.   In spite of all the squabbles as kids, your know, the usual "he looked at me" stuff, they are all friends and I know that they really like and love each other.  How cool is that?
 Life has dealt me some interesting challenges, and continues to do so.  But I will be alright.  

This is me at about 6 years old, on our patio, in native dress, in Kabul, Afghanistan

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