Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Same stuff, new day

That about sums it up. Another doctor's appointment today.  Still have a headache. Still have a tumor.  What else is new?

Actually, this was my first visit to a neurologist.  Nick and Carol both went with me, which means they both heard what was said.  Which is a good thing.

I went to a neurologist because that's who you see for pain management.   I learned that the pain is from the tumor (Yup, I knew it).   As such, there is nothing short of removing it that will make the pain go away.   He wrote me a prescription for some kind of pain medication- I haven't filled it yet.   I voiced my concern about becoming addicted to these narcotics and was assured that I won't.  I am not taking them to get high.   I am taking them to be at least reasonably comfortable.

The doc said that since it is clear that the pain is caused by the tumor and not incidental, it is what he called an "emergent" situation that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

I faxed paperwork to Hopkins and they should contact me in a few days with appointment information.  Then we take it from there.

I wrote to my Google group email list telling them about my brain tumor.  These are moms I have met trough La Leche League.  I send parenting and breastfeeding emails pretty much every day.  I have received a bunch of short emails back telling me how much help I was when they were having breastfeeding problems.  What a great group of moms and babies!

Yesterday, at Starbucks, at the Breastfeeding Cafe' two little 8 month old little girls were having a sweet conversation with each other.  They were each being held on their own mother's laps and they were just gabbing and gabbing away at each other.  They had elaborate hand gestures to go with the stories they were telling.  I wish I had my video camera with me, it was so precious!  Makes me smile just to think about those little ones.

Ok, this tired head must go to bed.

Nite nite

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