Tuesday, April 29, 2014

another day

I spent some time on the phone yesterday with people at Johns Hopkins trying to figure out what the plan is and when I am going to have surgery.  One of the things I learned last week when we were there, was that there are sinuses sort of behind my forehead bones.  I am sure there is a correct term for it.  Anyway, these sinuses are not "clean" and it would not be a good thing for my brain to come into contact with the sinuses. 

My tumor appears, in the MRI images, to be very close to the sinuses.  Dr Brem said he couldn't tell if there would be a possibility of accidentally opening the sinuses, or if there is a possibility that the tumor has already gone through into the sinuses. 

So, I am getting a CT scan on Thursday this week and an appointment with Dr. Ishii, a specialist in ear nose and throat (and sinus stuff).  Dr Ishii will determine if he will need to participate in the surgery with Dr Brem.

So, it is getting closer.  Thank goodness.   I guess.

One of my friends from church called me the other day to offer advice on taking advantage of the pastoral care services that the church offers.  I think she must think I am on death's door.  She told me how she looked in on another member of our church every day up to the day she died.  Swell.  Just what I want to hear!

It occurred to me that the friends in our dinner group (we know them from church) all know I have a brain tumor, but that's all.  So last evening I wrote an email to them all explaining what kind of tumor I have, and that it may take time, but I will be alright eventually.  I told them not to take out their black suits and dresses just yet!

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  1. It sounds like you are getting the best of medical care. Interesting about the forehead sinuses, but as long as they are on top of it you will be fine. These days they are obligated to inform the patient of the worst outcomes. I remember just before Noah had his wisdom teeth extracted the dental surgeon scared the daylights out of me by telling me all that could go wrong.