Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beautuful day of headaches

I was just outside and saw the moon.  It is just a fingernail of a crescent.  It is such nice weather.  About 60 degrees about now.  I wish it was always like this.  Not too cool, not hot.   Everything is starting to bud.  Daffodils are in bloom as are the crocuses.  I guess it is kind of cliched to love the springtime. 

And of course I have had a rough headache most of the day.   I went to the gym.  Went to Costco.  Watched TV for hours- old episodes of law & Order.   At one point this afternoon, I sat on the deck and shut my eyes and felt the sun on my face.  I could have stayed like that for hours.

I do look forward to getting rid of these headaches.  I am not sure how yet.  Probably surgery, which scares me.    I have had lots of surgeries before.  But as far as I know, never with power tools.

I want a day of doing nothing at all.  But when I have those days, I often end up feeling like a slug.

Another day closer to my 60th birthday.

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