Thursday, April 24, 2014

Johns Hopkins

This is what I wrote to my kids and my friends.   I currently have a splitting headache and am tired.  What else is new?


What a long day it has been! We left home at about 11:30 this morning and
got home at about 7:30 this evening.

Nick and my sister, Carol went with me to Baltimore. We signed in and then
we waited for a bit. Had my vital signs taken. Waited some more. Then we
went back to the exam room and met with Dr Brem's nurse. Dr Brem is the
neurosurgeon. The nurse spent a lot of time explaining things and having me
do some tasks to check for balance and strength and whatever else they are
looking for. One thing I learned is that I would never pass a police
sobriety test- I cannot walk a straight line heal to toe for the life of me!

I signed a bunch of papers giving consent to operate and to use blood and
blood products if needed. I was sent home with a big packet of
information and instructions, including some shampoo! (I am to shampoo my
hair a day before the surgery).

So,I will know either tomorrow or Monday at the latest when my surgery will
be. Dr Brem only does surgery on Monday and Tuesday. It will probably be
in two or so weeks. Maybe sooner.

The doctor said I should stop taking the Percocet because it is not a good
idea to take a lot of narcotics. He said I should try extra strength
Tylenol, which I did about an hour ago and it has not helped at all!

After all the hospital stuff was done, we stopped at a nice restaurant and
had dinner. We had not had any lunch, so we were all starving. I am afraid
I ate to much because my stomached is not happy!


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