Sunday, April 13, 2014

And on today's menu we have brain tumor with a dash of sunshine

It is a beautiful, sunny day out.  I need to get out and enjoy this day.  Too soon it will start getting hot and all of the bugs, at least the ones that bite, will be trying, unsuccessfully, to perform liposuction on me.   They bite, and instead of me getting thinner when they suck my blood, I swell up.   Isn't life strange?  I know, I have said that before.  Well, I am allowed to repeat myself.  I have a brain tumor.  Ha.  Top that!

No, not really, don't top that.  Don't get a brain tumor.  As if there's a choice.  Not a choice I would have made!  I was shooting for getting fit and healthy as my gift to myself for my 60th birthday.  Man, did I ever work hard.  I was at the gym 6 days a week most weeks.  Spin class was finally becoming bearable (made my bottom hurt at first), Pilates, please, I would never have been able to master all of those moves, but I was there and I was trying so hard.  Seeing my trainer (hi Neil!).  

Yesterday, I decided to do some work on the yard.  Not a whole lot, nothing too strenuous.  I decided to cut down the two patches of ornamental grass- the dead bits, so the green would look good when it starts coming in.   I only filled one lawn bag with clippings, and I am sore now.  I am also a little bit pissed off.  I don't want to be sore from doing something so small.  I had no idea I would start losing my muscle tone so fast.  Now I know.

I think about going in to the gym and just doing the elliptical, but my head hurts too much and I might end up making myself sick.

When I got up yesterday, my head hurt so much I felt like the top was going to pop off.   I went downstairs to let Buddy out and then I ran to the bathroom to throw up.   Nothing really came up, but I kept at it for a while.   What an awful feeling.  And poor Buddy was left outside crying and feeling abandoned.

As the day went on, Carol came over and watched TV with me.  It helped.  I also took some medicine.  I do wonder if I was sick from taking too many different medications at the same time.  I am not planning to find out!

I spent this morning scanning pictures of the World Walk for Breastfeeding 1994.   What fun!   Twenty years, gone just like that!

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Chance and Nancy    

There are so many people I recognition.  Some I can put names to, others have familiar faces, but their names escape me.

Ok, Percocet is on my menu.  Haven't had any today and I think I need some now.

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