Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're Not in Kansas Any More!

This is our last night in a hotel on this trip.  The next two nights we will be staying in cabins at KOA campgrounds.  Sunday evening we are staying in a cabin Nick found that sounds really nice.  Private and with its own hot tub.  I am not sure if we will have any online connection between now and Monday evening when we get back to Reston.

As great as this trip has been, we are both looking forward to getting home to our own home and bed and pillows etc.

We are in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The drive was not too bad today.  We could see that the weather ahead of us was not looking good, so we stopped for a quick lunch and then drove into the storm. Actually, the storm was ahead of us as I said, but we did end up driving right into it. 

Nick and I are not from this part of the country, so when we see the sky getting so dark and menacing, the first thing we think is “tornado”.    I think it is a legitimate fear.  Fortunately we only had rain.  The rain was heavy for the last 15 miles or so.  It was pouring when we got to the hotel.  We were lucky that the hotel has a covered area where we could unload the car.  

Of course, by the time Nick got the car parked the rain was letting up.  Now, Nick is taking a nap and the sun is shining.

We have been reading the book The Shipping News   every evening.  Well, Nick reads and I listen.  It is a strange story.  I like Nick to read to me in bed because it helps me unwind at the end of the day.   There is only one chapter left to our book, so we will be finishing it tonight.   I cannot wait to see how it comes out, but I don’t want it to end.  I wonder what our next book will be.  Probably something we choose after we get home.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading your travels blog, Nancy. Just yesterday I was reading something on fb about someone who felt claustrophobic because she'd been in a place where there were so many trees. She couldn't see far into a distance.I never thought much about that. And she was so glad to get back to where there were wide open spaces that stretched for miles. I guess it's what we are accustomed to. I am lucky because I like both.

    I was entranced And I read The Shipping News a number of years ago, but I remember it was quite riveting and unsettling. It certainly kept me engaged.

    1. When we were in Australia I remember hearing about German tour groups being taken in to the Outback and suffering from agoraphobia because they had never been under such open skies. Interesting how our minds adjust to what we know and are accustomed to.