Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool sunny days give me energy!

September 25, 2012

I have been running at full tilt today.  Went to the gym and worked on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Then I went to see what Neil, my trainer was up to.  He was working with someone else.  It seems I came in an hour early!   So I am going back for my training session tomorrow.

The early workout got the adrenalin going.  I went to my sister's for a bit to help her with things.  Then I rushed home with barely enough time to change out of my gym clothes and into some “grown up” clothes so I could get to Starbucks.

Tuesday has been the day of the Breastfeeding Café’ that I started almost two and a half years ago.  I am always so pleased when moms come- and they usually do.  Some of the moms are pretty regular while others come once just to ask questions and meet other moms.  I always take a notebook and my knitting in case nobody shows up so I have something to do.  I rarely have a chance to knit or write!

I sat down to go over my schedule and write down some things I plan to do and some other things that I want to do.  Life looks pretty busy right now.  That is a good thing.  Especially when I am busy doing things I enjoy.

After Starbucks I went and got my nails done.  I haven’t done that since before our trip, and I really enjoyed being pampered.   When we lived in Bangkok, before Courtney was born, I used to get my hair and nails done every week.  It’s funny to think about because I was so young.   But I got to spend time chatting in Thai and having fun playing grown up!  It was so cheap in Bangkok, how could I not go to the salon every week!
After I got home I at down to try to work on our budget/ money.  How depressing!  Now that Nick has no work until January, we are living on less income than we spend on our household expenses.  At times like this I think about getting a job as a cashier at Target or something.  But I don’t think that would be a good thing to do.  I have to hope for more lactation consulting work.   I need to finish up my brochure that a friend designed for me a long time ago.   That’s the work I love, and the income, though irregular, is decent.

Tidbits; yesterday I went to see a new (to me) dermatologist for the first time.  After filling out all the papers, I was lead to an exam room by someone in scrubs.  She asked me if I was there for an all over skin check to which I said “yes”.   Then she asked me if I would like to get undressed and wait for the doctor.   I told her that I would prefer to meet the doctor in my clothes, thank you very much.  She was surprised, but didn’t see any point in engaging in combat, so she left me there.  Fully clothed.

This is my unfinished sketch, in fabric, of one of the views of the Grand Canyon that I saw this summer

The other tidbit about yesterday; when we were at the Grand Canyon, the artist in residence was a quilter. She made quits of landscapes.  Mostly they were small, but there was a variety on sizes.  I was so intrigued and inspired that I just knew that I had to try to do what she had some.  I bought some fabric for this project a week or so ago, and yesterday I finally felt in the right frame of mind/ patience in inspiration to give it a try.  I worked for several hours, cutting out bits of fabric to simulate the brush, canyon and the sky.  I worked with a hot iron and various types of sticky things to make the fabric do what I wanted it to do.  I am absolutely thrilled with the product/ art that I made.   It is not complete yet.  I have to make some stitched details, but I am very happy.  I have not show it around because I am pretty sure most people would just look at it and say “gee that’s swell” or something, to humor me, but would not appreciate it like I do.   I may post a picture of it here on my blog.

One more thing.  Morgan is off crystal hunting with some friends, near Reno.  He posted a picture of himself on Facebook that is amazing.  He has such a pure, happy smile that it warms my heart. 

 How did Nick and I produce these amazing, puzzling, complex, bright people?  They are all kind, caring, compassionate and honest.  They are all creative and really smart. And they are all different from each other and unique, but they all love each other and are good, adult friends to one another.  How does that happen? (they are all a little eccentric, weird too)

Ok, off to bed now.  Going to the gym in the morning.  Giving blood in the afternoon.   Drinking lots of water all day.

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