Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at Home

We got home from our trip yesterday.  I feel like I have been in constant motion ever since we walked in the door.  Of course, I haven’t.  But I have been “doing”.  Last evening I did several loads of laundry- still more to do.  Did some dishes- Nick helped.  Not sure what else.

My car is having battery troubles.  I tried to start it yesterday and discovered that the battery is/ was dead.  Nick charged it and drove it around a bit today.  Then, when I went to leave for my Breastfeeding Café’ at Starbucks, the car was dead again.   It has been charged up some more, and may work.  But tomorrow I am going to have it checked out.

I took over a thousand pictures on our trip.   Something happened when I was loading them onto Nick’s computer so that the pictures are not all in order on my memory cards.  I know, this is probably not possible, but it is true. 

I have just spent a couple of hours looking at one cards worth of pictures.  I haven’t even started to look at the other cards worth.  There are two SD cards worth of pictures.

Most of the pictures are great.  I want to have another photography show.  But I want to do so many things with the pictures.   Alter them on photo shop.   Make other types of art with them –print making stuff, sewing techniques.   On the trip, there were times I lost sleep just thinking about all of the possibilities.

We saw so many wonderful places and such diverse scenery.  The Grand Canyon was by far the most beautiful and inspiring place for me.  It took my breath away- both by it’s beauty and literally because the altitude was more than I could handle.   

I have gotten some amazing shots of the Grand Canyon. 

There are so many things that we saw and did that I haven’t even written about.  I have to get to that so I don’t get too mixed up and forget what we saw where and when.

Life is too short to squeeze it all in!

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