Thursday, September 27, 2012


When I go to the gym, when I ask anyone that works there how they are, the answer is always “awesome”.

The other day I asked my trainer, Neil, why he always says he is awesome?  I really like his answer.  He said he might feel kind of blah, but if he says that as an answer, it makes the other person feel blah too and reinforces the feeling to him.  But when he tells me that he is awesome, he is telling himself that too and it makes him feel good all day.

When I went into the gym yesterday, several folk there asked me how I was.  For the first time, I said “awesome”.  It works.   I felt good all day.   I felt like I hade more energy.

I am really good at saying, “I’m tired”, or “I’m kind of blah today”.   And I wouldn’t be lying.  But I like the feeling of saying I am awesome.

Yes, I know that I am being simplistic really.  I know that sad and bad things happen and it is all right to feel down and blah.   I am not saying that those feelings should be suppressed or ignored.  I just think that I tend to accent the negative too much and bring myself down.

Yesterday was mostly a pretty good day.  I went to the gym, which always makes me happy.  I gave blood in the afternoon.  That makes me feel good and useful and all those things.

But I had some down times yesterday.  I was really sad about Amoeba dying.   It made me remember all the other deaths and a loss in my life and those to come, and that was a downer.   However, I was able to be sad without being consumed by it.  I am good at being consumed.  I have a lot of practice.   I have a joyful self at my core and I like that piece of myself.

I guess I am not really learning anything new.  Think positive, feel positive.  But a reminder and a refresher is a good thing.

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