Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can't think of anything to say!

It's almost fall.  Leaves are starting to change colors.

We’ve been home now for over a week and it is so strange that I am not writing all the time.  When we were traveling, I couldn’t wait to get a chance to write about where we had been and what we had seen.  Now, I don’t.

There are of course a lot of different factors.  First off, at home, I have a “life”. There are things to do that are normal every day things like cooking and cleaning and going to the gym.  These are not exotic or exciting; I have done them before, so I don’t think I have anything to write about.  I don’t feel like I have anything to say.

In fact, I have a lot to say.  If you know me, you know that to be true.  When I get started, sometimes it is hard to stop me.  I love to talk.  Not to show off, just to be a part of whatever is going on around me.  I love to be engaged in my life and in the lives of the people around me.   Even if it is just a quick chat with a stranger at a check out counter, I thrive on the contact and connection.

Yesterday I didn’t write because I was having a rotten day.  No, I am not going to deny the bad things in my life by not writing about them.  I just think that sometimes I spout things out too quickly and regret them later.  The personal things I could say that might be harsh of negative toward someone I care for needs to be written in a private journal.  Not this public blog.

That said, Monday I did some yard work.  I was careful to wear long pants, shoes and socks (as opposed to the sandals I usually wear), and gloves.  It never occurred to me until Monday evening that I might get poison ivy on my face.  Well, I did.  It was just a small patch, under my eye, next to my nose.   Lovely.  And my right hip- sciatica, was killing me whenever I sat down-, which is something I like to do.

When I woke up yesterday, the patch of poison ivy had developed some lovely pustules.  Swell.  And it was a gloomy, rainy day, and my hip was hurting.    So what did I do?  I went to the gym for the first time since we have been back.  My trainer was not too hard on me, but it really did feel great to work out again!

After the gym, I went and got my haircut, and went to my weekly Breastfeeding Café’ activity at Starbucks.   With the stormy weather and talk of tornados, only one mom and her three year old were there.  We had a nice visit.  Her daughter is really sweet and smart and I have been enjoying watching her grow from a newborn to a three year old with joy!

I spent the night at my sister’s house last night. We always have fun.  We practically speak each other’s sentences we are so close.  And we laugh a lot.   We stayed up too late watching TV.  We watched the movie “TheBest Exotic Marigold Hotel”.    Since I am an English TV show lover, I knew all of the actors.     One line in the movie that I really liked was “It will all turn out good in the end, and if it’s not good, then it isn’t the end”

Today was a most beautiful day.  It was clear and sunny and not too warm.  Just right.   I went to the doctor with my sister, a cardiologist, and we were both pleased that she is doing well.   I know that good news made the sun shine brighter.

Then we went for a little drive.   We went west, first to the Loudoun County animal shelter in hopes of meeting the [dog] love of my life.  No luck.  Then we went to Round Hill and had some pie and coffee.  We found a lovely gallery and a weaving studio.  The weaving studio got me really excited!  I am going to find a time and some money (where?  I don’t know) and sign up.  I have wanted to know how to weave for as long as I can remember.   Of course, it makes a lot of sense to learn yet another craft so I can have even more WIPs (works in progress).

Not much on for tomorrow.  I hope to get to the gym.  The cats have fleas and I need to make vet appointments for them anyway.   Who knows what else tomorrow will bring.

A few minutes ago, while looking at the Washington Post online, I found out that Jacque Brel is playing in Alexandria.  How exciting!  Nick and I plan to go.

Ok, that’s enough for someone who doesn’t have anything ti write about.

Nite nite.

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