Saturday, September 8, 2012

In Kentucky they say "y'all" and sound sweet when they do

Our trip is winding down.  Tonight is our last night in a campground.  Tomorrow night we are overnighting in Ohio.  Then we head for home on Monday.  We figure it will probably be late Monday when we get home.

The last few days have consisted of a lot of driving and some sightseeing.  I cannot remember it all now.  I’ll have to jot some notes so I can give the correct information next time I write.

Nick and I have really enjoyed the trip and each other’s company.  It’s funny, I brought along some CDs to listen to in the car, and we also brought a couple of audio books.  Nick recorded some Garrison Keillor and other comedy to listen to.  We did listen to a few episodes of Garrison Keillor and a little bit of music.  But, most of the time we enjoyed the quiet, or we talked.  Sometimes serious topics and sometimes so silly I could hardly talk.  We didn’t have any conflicts at all.  None.  How about that.

We talked about our kids.  They are all grown up, but it seems like they are just around the corner playing hide and seek.  How did it all happen so fast?   We talk about the old people we see, and realize they are probably the same age as us.  I wonder if they still feel like kids?  I feel like I am looking at the “grown ups” sometimes when I see these “old people”.

There is a movie, “Two for the Road” starring Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn.   In one scene, the main characters are in a restaurant.  They notice a couple sitting together quietly.  One says to the other “what kind of people sit and don’t talk to each other?”  The other says “Married People”.   It’s true.  We often are quiet, not because we are angry or have nothing to talk about, it is because we are comfortable enough that we don’t have to fill in the silence.  There is no “uncomfortable silence”.

Both of us keep saying “wow, 40 years, that went fast”.  It really did.  We got married.  We had kids.  Kids grew up.  We got old, sort of.  How did all of that happen in what seems like a week or so?

This afternoon as we were driving to our destination; Shepherdsville, Kentucky, the GPS decided to take over the show.  We only had about 12 miles to go when suddenly it said we had another 28 miles.  We followed directions; I tell Nick what the GPS says because we keep it on mute.  We went off the highway, down some suburban street, down a few more streets turning here and there and we finally ended up back on the highway going in the opposite direction.  This was after driving around Louisville on their big, fast roads.  Many of the roads are elevated and there are a lot of bridges.  I do not like elevated roads and I am not crazy about bridges either.    Roads should be on the ground, not up in the air.  It is made more stressful (to me) when I don’t know the place at all.  I have no problem driving all over the D.C. area and the Beltway.   

By the time we got here I was a wreck.   Oh well, we are here and safe and alright.  I am so glad Nick does all the driving.  He is a calm driver to my crazy navigator act.

We are back on Eastern Standard Time, so it is late.  I should finish up for now.  There’s so much more to write.   Maybe I will write more tomorrow.  Maybe after I get home.

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