Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunday August 19, 2012

Lots of driving today.  We are now in Nebraska.    The corn we have seen "growing" along the roads we have driven has been so dry and burned looking.  Iowa's was bad and Nebraska's, it turns out, is pretty bad too.  It must be so disheartening to work so hard and have it all for naught. 

The sky in Nebraska is amazingly clear and blue.    I've shot loads of sky pictures which I hope to share at some point.

Right now, we are at another KOA camp and Nick is getting into a panic about what to do with the laundry   We washed it and it isn't quite dry yet.   Oh well.  

We "swam" when we got here.  Or I should say, we got into the water up to our belly buttons.  It was FREEZING!!!   It felt good though after driving for so long.

Last night the temperature in Iowa (we were near Des Moines) got down into the 40s.  It was wonderful to sleep with the windows open and wake to the cool air!

We are in Gothenburg, NE.  Nope, I never heard of it either.  Our cabin is right next to a field of small

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