Friday, July 25, 2014

a familiar theme- being tired

I slept until 11:00 this morning.  Of course I was probably up pretty late.  Babies have the right idea- they don't think about sleep, or worry about sleep.  They just do it when they need to and don't when they don't.  How come so many parents have such a hard time understanding that?   Honestly!

Most of what I did today was knit.  That's what I do most of any day lately!  At one point, when I was in the back yard with Buddy, I picked up some sticks that have blown off of trees over the last few weeks from the storms we have had.   Not many, but it needs to be done and even a little bit is better than nothing!

Nick and I went to the vet to buy some prescription cat food for our diabetic cat.  Then we went to Joanne's Fabric store, mainly to look.  It was really fun (for me anyway).  I love fabric!  Bought one small piece, and this time I even had my coupons with me.   But I found it hard to focus on the patterns in the fabrics for too long without feeling dizzy.   Nick doesn't understand why I am having vision issues.  I don't really either other than the fact that I had my brain messed with.  The space that was left when the tumor was removed will somehow have to fill up with healthy brain tissue.  That must be disruptive.    Anyway, it does confirm for me that I am not ready to drive yet!

We got a dinner from a member of our church the other evening, and another dinner last evening.  It is always nice when we (meaning Nick) don't have to cook!

Okay, now I am really going to bed.  As soon as I brush my teeth!

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