Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Friday night and I should be asleep!

Every evening as I sit in front of my computer, I think about writing on my blog.  Then I tell myself that it is too late to start writing, so I don't.

I think I am getting better.  Slowly, which I find difficult and downright depressing at times. But better.

I went to the ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) about my sore throat and speech and swallowing issues.   The doc ran a scope down my nose into my throat and said that I have a very bad case of reflux!  I have reflux anyway, and I guess the intubation and the steroids in the hospital made it worse.  What a relief!  I thought I had permanent damage!  I am taking more Prilosec and it is really helping.

Yesterday we (Nick, Austin and I) went to Boston Market for dinner.  It felt good to go out.  We got there just as it was beginning to rain, and it was really pouring as we were leaving!  The only negative side effect was that I had a Diet Coke from Boston Market that was huge.  It was way more caffeine than I am used to or need.  I didn't get to sleep until about 6:00 am- as the sun was coming up!

Today, Nick and I went to the Dulles Town Center Mall.  I want to walk, but not in the heat or the sun.  The Mall is a nice, climate controlled place to walk and sit to rest if needed.  We walked the whole circumference of the mall both on the upper and lower levels.   I really needed that!

Chance had an encounter with a ferret yesterday.  Chance heard something scratching on his door, so he looked to see what it was.  Low and behold, it was a cute little ferret!  Chance kept the ferret in the bathroom to keep him separated from Harley the cat.  Signs were posted, and the owner, Chance's upstairs neighbor, claimed his baby today.  I love ferrets, but am glad that his owner turned up!

Our neighbors. Barb and David Black moved away last week.  They were the first people to move into the neighborhood 32 years ago.  Their oldest daughter went to kindergarten with my oldest- and now those little girls are in their 30s.     I remember picking out our lot.  There were only two lots left and we picked the one we are living at now.     There was construction down the street, and trucks driving up and down the street every day making a lot of dust in our brand new houses.     There are still a bunch of us "original owners" here.  And there are some who bought the smaller houses down the street and then moved into the bigger houses up the street.  I love my house and my neighborhood !

I started reading a book yesterday, which is real progress.  My eyes are not focusing as well as I would like, but I have been told to wait about 3 months after brain surgery before I get a new eye glasses prescription.   So I am glad I am able to read!

And now, to bed.

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