Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two more days.  I am freaking out and I cannot understand it.  I have been traveling all my life, packing and unpacking.     But this time it's different.  Nick and I have not traveled alone with each other- without kids in ages.  I mean, we have done weekends, but nothing this long.

I am excited and scared and worried all at the same time.  I am stressing about what to pack and what I will forget.  I am afraid that something will happen while we are gone and I won't be here to take care of it.  Of course, I am replaceable as far as taking care of the cats and the house and my sister.   I am having a hard time "letting go".  I am used to being in charge and being in control and I am having feelings of the "undertoad" haunting me (look it up, I have not figured out how to make links yet).

Ok, now, back to doing laundry and chilling in front of the TV.

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