Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello from Las Vegas!

We made it to the 108 degrees in Vegas this afternoon.      The drive wasn’t too far, and it felt good to get to a lower elevation.  I could really feel my breathing getting easier.

We are staying at Circus Circus- a huge hotel/ casino.  We stayed here together in 1981 when Courtney was 3 and Morgan about 5 months old.   

Of course everything has changed, but so have we.   There are so many gambling machines and I am afraid I have not found the appeal.  Maybe if I play something I will feel differently.  We walked all over looking at all the people playing the machines, and frankly, I don’t understand them at all.
Of course, when we lived in Perth, I went to the casino a few times with my women friends, but we went as a package tour that included lunch.  So it was partly about playing and gambling, but it was also about socializing. 

Checking into the hotel and finding our way to our room was very confusing.  This place is kind of like a maze.  Plus the guy in the lobby gave us directions that were absolutely incorrect.  He had a badge on and I think maybe works for the hotel, but he sent us, basically, into a food court nowhere near our room.  Oh well, we are here now.

The view from our room is amazing.  I have already posted it on the blog.
We are planning to stay here for three days, and then maybe we will go to Lake Havasu, Arizona.  We have almost completely changed out travel plans because we had too many activities planned that would have us in too high an altitude.

I slept so well last night in Cedar City; I really felt well when I got up this morning.  I sorry I had an illness that “messed up” our plans, but on the other hand, we are making new plans and continuing on our way. 

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  1. Making new plans is part of the adventure. I'm glad you're feeling better and able to have fun again! -Courtney