Monday, August 20, 2012

Tonight we are in Denver, staying in a hotel.  Imagine, I don’t have to go out in the night looking for the bathroom.  I don’t need to wake Nick up if I need to “go”.  And we have a shower right in our room!  After the last few nights of taking in our linens and towels, it is nice to have a short break.   
The cabins have really been fine.  Better, in my opinion, than sleeping in a tent!   When we leave here we are headed to Grand Junction, Colorado.   We will be in a KOA campground again.  Nick decided to pay the difference and get us a “lodge”.  That’s a cabin with indoor plumbing!
Driving through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and today, Colorado has been educational.   The further west we go, the drier the corn and the more devastating the drought appears to have been.  In Ohio the corn looked green and healthy.  
Indiana and Iowa were so flat until we got into the hillier parts of Iowa.  Then it resembled a Grant Wood painting of the rolling hills with farms that stand miles from each other.
Modern, turbine wind mills are amazing.  They stand about 300’ high.  We saw trucks carrying individual blades for the wind mills and could not believe how huge they are!
I have been taking hundreds of pictures as we travel.  Some will get posted here if I can do a better job of getting the pictures I want and get them to transfer in the size I want.

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