Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Best Laid Plans....

I loved the Grand Canyon- could write volumes, but not now.

Saturday night (still at the Grand Canyon) I had a terrible night.  I couldn't find any way to get comfortable.  I felt like I was drowning.  I couldn't get enough air no matter what I did.  I even sat outside on the rocker at 3 am hoping the cool night air would help.

Sunday we checked out and headed for Bryce Canyon.  We had reservations to be there for 4 days.  I have been before, but was minding little ones so didn't get the full impact.   As we sat in the lobby, my breathing was labored and making me scared.  Nick got us checked into our room and I just fell apart.

We went to the nearest hospital where I told the nurse that I thought I had altitude disease.   Tests were run, I was put on oxygen, and I started to feel better.  The tests all came back negative for heart issues or blood clots.  Doctor said it was definitely hypoxia, which is oxygen deprivation.  He said I couldn't go back to the lodge and would need to go to a lower altitude.

Nick went back to the Bryce Canyon Lodge and explained the situation.  They not only did not charge for that night, they wiped out the deposit and the amount we could have been charges.  They were really great!

So, now we are in a Best Western in Cedar City (a town where we camped a few days ago).  Mesa Verde has to be taken off the schedule because it is too high.  In the morning we will re-work our trip plans.

I feel so bad for Nick.  he worked for months making travel plans and reservations.  He is so concerned about my health thst he keeps telling me not to feel bad.

So what next?  Who knows.  At least we are healthy!

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