Thursday, August 30, 2012

London Bridge is not falling down-it's in Arizona!

We drove from Las Vegas, Nevada to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Not a long drive- a bit over 2 hours.    But in this heat, even in an air conditioned car, it is exhausting.

We drove through a part of California too.  We stopped in Needles, California for gas.  The woman in the gas station said that 108 degrees was just “warm”.  She said that it is usually about 120 at this time of year.  Wow, not sorry to miss that!

The road is an interstate, but at some point it narrows and there are signs warning of wildlife crossing the road.  The yellow signs that warn about animals, instead of having black outlines of deer, have black outlines of donkeys!  Fortunate we didn’t   see any animals on or off the road.
I figured out why Needles is called “Needles”.  It is because the mountains are so sharp and pointed, like needles.  The drive was kind of desolate.  Dark colored mountains with very little vegetation were all around us.  There was cactus and other desert plant life.   I know that there are people who find beauty in the desolation, but I don’t think I am one of them.

We got to our hotel and collapsed in the A/C for a while.  Our room is right next to the laundry room, so we washed clothes (I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have clean underwear)!
We didn’t want to be too active in the strongest heat of the sun.   We finally decided to swim in the hotel pool.  The water was like bathwater.   Not too surprising considering the air temperatures.  It was actually refreshing.

We went to see London Bridge after we went swimming.  The bridge looks the same as I remember it from the last time we were here, 31 years ago.  The gift shop and little Tudor village we went to has changed.  The Tudor village has apparently done poorly.  The buildings are still there, but the businesses that used to be there are all closed and the buildings are vacant.
Pizza!  I love pizza.  It is one of the thing that I miss because I cannot eat gluten.  I looked up gluten free restaurants and found a pizza place nearby.  I know I ate too much, but the gluten free veggie pizza was delicious!

Now it is time to get ready for bed – in my clean pajamas!
Stay tuned….

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