Monday, September 30, 2019

Ahh Life

That;s what I had intended to label the other day.  I woke up to a beautiful day feeling great.  I am so happy when those days happen.

The next few days were not to much "ahh" as "oh no".   I have been having stresses and disappointing moments.  My knee isn't able to bend as far as I would like, or how I think it should.

We went to some friend's house for dinner the other evening.  It was a long car ride- over an hour.  That alone is hard on my leg.  Then, we sat in the living room talking and then into the dining room to eat,and talk some more.  Then another long ride home.  Normally  all of this would be great.  I would be energized by the evening.    It's nobody's fault.  It's just where I am right now.

Tomorrow makes it 8 weeks since my knee replacement surgery.   I must say, I am so much better than I was. But I am a way away from where I need to be.

All of the months of physical therapy in preparation for this surgery must have helped, but it's hard to say right now.

Got to take a shower and get ready to go to PT again!

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