Friday, September 6, 2019


Two hours of physical therapy yesterday.
It's so hard! The Bakers cyst on the back of my surgical knee hurts more than the surgery site itself. I try to sleep in bed, but I end up sleeping in the recliner in the family room. 
I cannot get comfortable in bed. When I went to the doctor's office a week or so ago, the PA said my knee was swollen from the blood pooling from the blood thinner I am on (Elaquis). Then I was found to have a blood clot and the dose of the blood thinner was doubled. The swelling is from a bakers cyst behind my knee. My left leg is swollen - my physical therapist showed me that I have pitting edema.
I usually can talk myself through stuff, but yesterday I was really weepy. I see my primary care doctor on Saturday and Nick and I will go over all of the medications I have .been prescribed. Nick is keeping track of everything I take and what time and how much.
I know I am only 4 weeks out and it's early days, but I am not very happy. I do see improvements, but  I am still in too much pain. In my opinion.
I'll keep you posted.

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