Monday, July 29, 2019

Wedding wonderland

The wedding was so nice.  Morgan and Kim are now married and all is well.   Elvis officiated, and did his job very well.  Kim wore my mother in law's wedding dress.  The one that was worn in 1940.  Appropriate because without Nick's parent's union we and all of our children wouldn't even exist.

Four of my five children were there, and the fifth was able to be there VIA live streaming.   I love them all so much!

Morgan looked amazing (I was going to say dapper, but that's a silly word) in his tuxedo.   Kim was beautiful in "the dress"

Courtney opened her house and yard for the wedding and she organized everything hostess wise- cleaning and arranging house.     She made room for family and friends to sleep in her home.  She is an all around Wonder Woman and wonderful daughter and sister.

There was some fun/ silliness including the personalized blanket:

 And fairy hair after the ceremony:

a wedding guest getting fairy hair

Me getting fairy hair!

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