Monday, July 15, 2019

The moon

I believe that we have been fascinated by the moon ever since it occurred on the first person/ being to look up into the night sky.

The 50th anniversary of the first moon walk is rapidly approaching.  There's been a lot about it on the TV.  Watching some of the footage and the still photos taken on the moon and on earth I am so impressed.  We had a black and white TV and I have honestly never seen the pictures I have seen this week.  It is so much more real when you see it in color than it was watching it on a small black and white TV,

It's a big deal and it was a big deal back then.  I was 15 in the summer of 1969. I hung out with other teens in my neighborhood.  We played at the playground in the evening after the little kids had gone inside for the night.   I remember there were some metal mushrooms- for climbing on.  They were at least 3' high.  We used to leap frog over them for fun. 

I'm not really sure how real the whole moon walk was to me.  I do recall that night standing outside and looking up at the sky only to see the little moon up there.  I cannot remember what phase the moon was in.

The three youngest of my sons went to Buzz Aldrin Elementary School.   Buzz himself came to the official grand opening of the school, and he made a point of shaking hands with everyone there.   One of my boys was quite star struck and said "I just shook hands with a hero".

And tonight as the moon was rising so big, from the east, I took a picture.  And later, around midnight I took another picture of the full moon in the dark sky.

Seeing that beaming light up there stirs primal feelings.  I want to howl whenever I see a full moon!

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