Friday, July 19, 2019

Hot weather

It's really hot this week and that is the big topic of discussion in the stores and with friends and on the news. 

I think I like cold better.  Or at least cooler than now.  When I was a kid I lived for this kind of weather so I could swim.  I spent hours and hours at the pool all summer long.  It was a place to meet and hang out with friends.  It was a place to be that was not at home.  And I loved to swim!

It's funny that I almost never swim any more.   I know that it's a hassle, but probably not any more than when I was a kid.   I guess one difference now is that I hate squeezing myself into a bathing suit and then when I'm finished, pealing a wet bathing suit off. 

Bigger bodies are more awkward getting in and out of swim suits and the pool too.  Older bodies don't move with the agility that was once there.  I used to be self conscious, but not too much.   Now I know what I look like and it's not all that beautiful.

Yeah, "love your body" " Think of how well your body has served you"   Blah blah blah.   

Well, thank goodness for ceiling fans and air conditioning!

Before the storm!

After the storm!

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