Friday, July 5, 2019

Independence Day 2019

I put this on Facebook this morning:

I am a bit befuddled by my feelings today. I fully expected (and wanted) the Trump speech to be an ego 
boosting rally about what a wonderful person he is and how wonderful the country is doing because of 
him. But it wasn't. Yes, he did make some pretty dumb mistakes. We expect that. But all in all it was not 
too bad. I enjoyed watching the "Capital Fourth" on PBS and also the Macy's Fourth on NBC. I love this 
country. I am not sure if we are the best nation on earth at this particular moment in our history. But I do 
believe that we have the potential to be. We have made many mistakes and committed some 
unforgivable acts. I don't think we need to hide that. I believe that we can and should own up to our 
mistakes and work to make sure that "One Nation Under All" is what we work toward and what we can be.

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