Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's on TV?

Nick and I spend a lot of time watching TV.  We always have- even before we got married.  I think it's kind of nice.  We enjoy many of the same shows and types of shows.    There are some that I have no interest in at all.  And some of the shows I watch don't interest Nick.  But for our main evening viewing pleasure, we tend towards British dramas and murder mysteries.   I think that when we were living in Australia, we got pretty good at understanding the accents.   Now, we have to put on the closed captions.   Some of the slang is hard to understand, and for some reason, mysteries seem to favor mumbling- British and American.

My Grandma Thompsen had a black and white TV for years.  When she got her first color TV, she called my uncle to say that the TV was broken.  She had watched Lawrence Welk  one week and the band was wearing blue jackets.  The following week, when they wore red jackets, she was sure that TV was messed up!  (she was Norwegian)

This is my Grandma Thompsen's sewing machine- minus the cabinet

It's funny, when we lived in Norway, we used to watch English language shows with Norwegian subtitles.   Or any other foreign shows.  We would watch French shows, for example, with Norwegian subtitles.   But the Norwegian kid's shows were in Norwegian and we enjoyed them just fine. 

When my mom came to Tromso, she would watch TV with us, and while she didn't understand the language, she could tell that the show was funny.  She said she understood my father better when she saw Norwegian humor.  I remember her saying "they are all like that.  I thought it was just your dad"!

In Bangkok, we rented a TV and there were only a few shows we watched.  They included The Time Tunnel, and Wonder Woman.  The English broadcast was on an FM radio station.  If the show happened to be on at the time that the radio station wanted to do the news, we had to listen to Wonder Woman speaking in dubbed Thai.  Pretty funny!

One funny thing I remember in Australia was Law and Order.  The Aussie way of saying it sounded to me like "Lore and Owdah".

Languages are funny.  The colloquialisms so often cannot be translated, but, once you know them, they make sense and help with expressing an idea or concept that cannot be expressed in English.  Problem with this is, Nick is the only one who knows what I mean!

Ok, it's getting late.  I have to go see what we are watching tonight.

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