Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Rambling

Pooh, the regal cat (1/20/13)

Tuesday we took Pooh to the vet.  He had broken off one of his bottom canine teeth.  If it had just come all the way out, I would not have been overly concerned.  But the tooth broke off leaving exposed nerves and jagged edges.

When the vet examined Pooh, he could tell that one of the top canines had a problem as well.  So we left him for the day to get taken care of.  Pooh ended up having five teeth pulled (extracted in Vet terms)  With the anesthesia, stitches and oral surgery, plus the meds he came home with, it cost a fortune.   Oh well, whet are you going to do.

Pooh is now on antibiotics and pain medicine and seems to be feeling much better.   For the record, Pooh is almost 14 years old.

Tigger is also in need of dental work, but he is not in any distress, so we will wait and save up money first.

Buddy the puppy is a real butt head.  He is as sweet as can be, but he tends to sneak off and poop in the house when he thinks nobody is looking.  As a result, whenever he is out of my sight I panic and go looking before it is took late.

When I take Buddy in the yard and, especially in the evening, he thinks it's playtime.  He will run around the back yard like a little black tornado!  But will he poop?  That is the question!

Also on the home front, Nick and I wanted to go for coffee the other day.  Greenberry's near our house is gone (turning into a small Thai restaurant).  We were not in the mood for our usual Starbucks.   So I found a place in Great Falls called Katie's coffee and deserts.  We had nice coffee there and saw that since it was afternoon, lunch was also being served.  The fish and chips looked wonderful!

And there's Nick looking up from his newspaper at Katie's Coffee Shop.

Morgan has started to market his wares on Etsy.   He has made some really nice jewelry and also has photos for sale.  Morgan is very artistic and it is fun for us parents and look at our son's artistic talents.

I am toying with the idea of putting some of my knitting on Etsy.  Maybe

Darcy and Hannah bought a "prison bus".  Yes, that right- a prison bus.  It is short(ish) and painted white.    It looks pretty cool, and their plans for it sound good.  Here, I will let you read all about it    And here is a picture that I "borrowed" from Darcy's Facebook page:  

I had a weird nap today.  I rarely take naps.   I might doze off in front of the TV sometimes.  This afternoon I was working on my computer and I started to feel really tired.   For whatever reason, I got into bed.  After a few minutes, I put on my C-Pap and was really sound asleep.  

The dog's barking is what woke me up.  At 6:30.  It was dark out and I assumed it was AM, not PM.  I could smell the oven and was afraid that there might be a fire.  When I saw that I was in my regular clothes, and not in my pajamas, I was really confused.

Got downstairs to discover that Nick was cooking dinner.  I enjoyed it and sat down and ate and watched Jeopardy.

I have been up for hours now.  I was afraid I would be up all night, but I am too tired and plan to get into bed as soon as I hit the hay, I will think I am just that tired.

So good night for now! <3 <3<3

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