Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Got to be the Weather

The weather has been nuts this winter.  Warm, hot, cold, ice, snow.  You name it we've had it.  The meteorologists are calling it a roller coaster of weather

This week, we had ice on the roads.  Some counties closed schools.  The Federal Government opened a couple of hours early.  It  sleeted frozen rain.   Then Tuesday it was sunny and bright and in the 60s.  Yesterday, Wednesday, it was in the 70s, but overcast all day and there was torrential rain in the afternoon and evening.  Today it was windy and in the 40s.   And there are predictions of snow overnight tonight.

Yesterday I had a terrible headache much of the day.  I was in total bitch mode, ready to bite of anyone's head that got too close.   I took Buddy (the puppy) to his doggy class last night and I was about ready to strangle him for chewing up his harness.  I was so mad and grumpy I didn't even want to be with myself, much less with a bunch of other puppy parents.    I did get over it, but wow!   I am glad I got through it without saying/ texting some of the things I was thinking!

This morning I woke up with a splitting headache.   I felt like I might throw up.   I had a meeting I had to go to, but was tempted to skip it because I felt to crummy.   Once I had some coffee and food I felt a lot better.  But now I am feeling the headache coming on again.  I almost never get a headache.

This afternoon I went outside with Buddy and felt the weather changing.  The wind was noisy, almost as if a plane was going over even when I knew one wasn't.

One of "my moms" called me.  She was having a rough evening.  Her 12 -week- old baby was crying for no reason she could figure out, ad her 2 year old was starting to get on the mom's last nerve as well.  We talked about barometric pressure and how it can really make babies fuss.    I think that our talk helped her understand, though I know that it's also true that mothers often need to talk to someone who will affirm their feelings and help them get through the rough patches.

In Norway, there were lots of nights I recall walking back and forth in the night, pacing with Darcy when he was very young.  I am sure it was the barometric pressure.  He was a sweet, easygoing baby, but there were those times when he just needed to be held up against my shoulder and walked.   A lot of the time I would push the sofa and love seat in the living room together and make a big bed that Darcy and I would fall asleep on.

Anyway, today I have not snapped at anyone.  I am feeling more mellow, thank goodness.

Going to watch TV and knit now.

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