Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday evening

It's been one of those weird days.  I woke up at about 5:30 this morning after about three hours of sleep.  I want downstairs- with the dog- and watched TV for a while.  Nick got up at 7:00- unusually early for him too.  At some point I fell asleep sitting up on the sofa, went back to bed and slept till 1:00.  When I woke up, Nick and the dog had both come back to bed with me and were both sleeping.

My jaw is hurting me.  I had a root canal a while back and it got abscessed and I had to have an awful thing called an apicoectomy.  Look it up if you are interested- it is too yucky for even me to explain.  I got my teeth cleaned last week (great hygiene by the way) and complained about the jaw/ tooth pain.  Looks like the root canal is infected again- which is not supposed to happen.  So I am a bit depressed about that.  I am on antibiotics and hope that will clear it up.  But I really doubt it.  I am not sure I can go through another apicoectomy.  Oh my.  Whatever.

Nick has gout, which most of the time is under control, but at the moment he is having a lot of pain from it.   Poor guy.  And the medication for it makes him sick to his stomach and dizzy.

I don't know if all of the ailments come with age, or just happen.   I have had more than my share of various exciting and exotic illnesses and surgeries, and I have never been as old as I am not (duh), so who knows.

So now for something light.  Bedtime is kind of funny in my bedroom.  When I am getting my pajamas on, Beta (fat, old, female cat) goes into my bathroom and sits there waiting for me.  She knows that I will come in and brush my teeth and go to the bathroom.  She considers this our "girl time", and she just stares at me and purrs.

Pooh and Tigger, old male cats, both get up on my night table to take turns getting a drink of water out of the beer mug that is placed there just for them.

Buddy, six month old male puppy gets on the bed and snuggles up between Nick and I.  If he is spacey/ tired, Buddy "digs" and goes around in circles to make the bed cozy for himself.

Now, lights out.  I put on my c-pap (a lovely sight indeed).  Next thing I know, Tigger is occupying my pillow, just above my head.  He pretty much purrs all night.   Now, Tigger never ever used to do this.  It started when Buddy joined the family.

And then there's poor Nick.  He has to put up with my tossing and turning until I get comfortable.  Actually, he usually sleeps through it all!

So, we started out in a double bed, just Nick and I. (oh yeah we did have cats and a dog when we got married- I forgot)
Then we added kids, one at a time.   Each gradually graduating from the family bed in time for another baby to fill in the space.  After about 20 years of sharing our bed with us, it was back down to just the two of us.   Now we are back to having a family bed, sharing with our new family of babies - a dog and three cats.   What's next?   I cannot imagine.

Nick and I had dinner at my sister's yesterday.  My sister gave me some family history on our Norwegian grandmother.  I've got quite a bit on my Norwegian grandfather (who I never met) but didn't even know we had anything on my grandma.  So now I have the genealogy bug biting at my curious self. 

I have a "to do" list that keeps getting either lost or longer, depending.  I don't feel like doing much of anything, but since I am still a sort of competent adult, I have to "do" things to take care of myself.  Like get check ups with the various doctors I have put in charge of the various parts of my body.  This week Ia m getting a mental health check up.  Woo hoo!   Then, I am way over due for the GYN, the GI doc, the pulmonologist and probably some others.  My eyes and teeth are taken care of for the time being.    Oh yeah, I need to see the chiropractor too.    I really should have gone to medical school so maybe I could diagnose and treat myself.  Nah.

Ok, time for season three of Downton Abbey! 

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