Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday morning

Well, it is actually after noon, but since I still have my pajamas on, it feels like morning.

Yesterday there was frost in the morning.  What a welcome sight!  I will probably be complaining about the cold weather soon enough, but for now, it is wonderful!  I don't mind heat too much, but humidity, I hate it!   Yuck on humidity!

I went on a call (lactation call) yesterday, and on the way there and back I drove by some of the new Metro construction near Tyson's Corner.   When I first sighted these huge beams (I guess that's what they were) lying on their side I felt a gasp come out of my mouth.  Weird huh?  But it was more a gasp of amazement at how gargantuan and beautiful these structures were.  Am I strange?    I love nature.  The Grand Canyon was rapturous and more than words can ever touch.  but there are things that we humans make that effect me the same way.  This was one of thos things/ times.

Nick harvested his garden before the first frost.  Here are his crops!

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