Thursday, October 25, 2012

Babies babies everywhere!

After not being very busy, I am almost overwhelmed by the number of new moms and babies needing my help with breastfeeding.   It is wonderful.  I love the babies.  I love helping the mothers learn.   What I don't love is how many of the mothers I see have the exact same issues.   So many of these moms were told to give bottles, and are now facing a battle trying to learn how to overcome the frustrations that they and their babies face. 

Oh well.  I can only change the world one mother at a time.  And sometimes more than one baby.  I saw twins this week.  They were so tiny- the girl was just over 4lb and the boy just over 5lb.   So little and so perfect!

This evening my friend Maureen went on a home visit with me to see "how it's done".  She got to see first hand how a baby can find the breast and latch himself on.   She was amazed.  I am always amazed and I especially love the mother's reactions when they see how smart and competent their babies are!  Yes, I do love what I do.  Getting paid for it is so amazing!

Now, what I am not looking forward to is Halloween.   Too many creepy costumes of vampires and creepy stuff.    Oh well, maybe it is because I'm not making costumes for my gang I am just not all that into it.

I am more excited about the upcoming election!  We have to win!

Look at my previous entry and you should be able to figure out who my guy is!

Oh, and the other thing I am excited/ freaked out about is the storm that is coming our way.  It is being called "Frankenstorm".   I hope it is just strong enough to be exciting, but not enough to be too destructive!

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