Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is still with us

Nick and I went out briefly this afternoon just to see how the world looked.  The Reston Town Center was pretty much shut down, including the movie theater.   The one thing that was open was Starbucks.

Mainly we have been alternating watching storm news with watching some of our cache of recorded British shows we like.  We even sat and watched Family Feud for a while.

Nick and Austin have been taking buckets of water out of the basement and dumping it down our steep driveway- away from the house.   There is a big Rubbermaid bin beneath the leaky window.  This catches the water and then , the water is gotten rid of.

When we were out for our little drive we notices the wind blowing some flags at a gas station.  I took these pictures both to show the intensity of the wind and the direction.  You will see that the wind shift and the flags go all over the place

And then there is this little creature who lives in the basement window well.  Nick name "Sandy"  clever huh?

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