Thursday, October 4, 2012

I want winter to come!

I am so ready for the cold weather to come.  Bring it on!  Today got up to 81 and was really humid.   I hate it.  Hot and dry I can take- though people joke about the expression “it’s a dry heat”.  But it really does feel better than humidity.

It is so strange having Nick at home every day.  I cannot tell what day of the week it is.  It feels like a perpetual weekend.   Honestly, if I didn’t have things scheduled I am not sure I would ever get off the couch.  I can sit and watch TV and knit for hours.

One of the differences between Nick and myself is that when he sits there, he just does it.  I don’t think the carpet that needs to be vacuumed stresses him out.  I don’t think he feels like he is wasting time.  I do.  I always have had that guilt thing going. 

When the kids were at home, I used to have a snack for them pretty much every afternoon when they got home from school.  Sometimes I made cookies or banana bread.  Most often I would have a plate full of cut up raw veggies or cut up apples.  When I was in the process of cutting, of course I would eat some of the food I was cutting up.  Even then I felt guilty for eating the kids’ snack.  A carrot or cucumber slice would make me feel like I was stealing from them how silly is that?

I am getting to enjoy the puppy a lot.  His name is Buddy.  He is a funny little fellow, full of energy and silliness.  Then, after running all over the place he will crash and sleep like a baby.  I guess that’s because he is a baby!

In the morning I am going to the post office for a passport appointment.  I cannot believe that I don’t have a valid, current passport.  The original plan was that I might go on a cruise with my sister this January.  I am not sure if that plan will play out.  But it will be nice to have a passport again.

My sciatica is killing me.  Maybe I sit too much.  I cannot go out for walks a whole lot right now because the bugs eat me alive.  Even when I am covered in bug spray they find me and chew on me.   Going to the gym helps.  I am going to the gym tomorrow.  That will be so good.  I need to start swimming again too.

Ok, that’s all the words I can come up with tonight.  

Nite nite.

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