Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling Invisible

I keep hearing a wooshing sound.  It sounds like a vacuum cleaner- oh, no, I know what it is, it's the SpotBot.

 Be still my heart.

 I thought someone was actually cleaning the house. Nope, just cleaning the spots on the carpet.  What would anyone want to actually clean anything but the spots?    Everyone knows how much I love crap on the floors.

 Insanity rears it's ugly head again.

Maybe I will go and see if the grocery store has the right kind of toothpaste.  You know, the kind that doesn't burn my mouth and give me blisters on my tongue.  yeah, that sounds like fun.  If they don't have it, I will go on a quest until I find the right kind.

Maybe I will buy myself some gluten free foods to have in the freezer.   Yeah, that would be nice.  And maybe some vegetables.

I am hard to please, I know.  I just have to take care of myself I guess

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