Saturday, February 7, 2015

What was that?!

I ache all over.  What hit me?   Oh yeah, it was me, trying to get fit.  Going to the gym.

I have been going to the gym for what seems like forever.  But last year, after signing up for a fitness challenge, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I didn't feel very good, and I pretty much stopped everything for a while.

I have started going back to the gym and working with a trainer.  It has been jumps and starts.  Having medical stuff, getting sick, whatever.

I have attended a couple of classes called "Silver Sneakers" for us lovely older citizens of the world.   As I have always done, I go to the front of the class.  During my first class, in a while last week, I watched myself.   I was trying to do all the moves and follow the teacher's directions.  I did alright.  not great, but not too terrible.   But, the thing that I did notice was that I am the biggest (fattest) one in the class.  I watch myself in the mirror and, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how I am able to carry so much humanness around.  My chins, my belly. 

I think that the gym should pay me to represent what happens if you aren't careful.  

Ok, enough self pity/ absorption or whatever.  I just want to feel better.  Looking better would be a bonus. 

I had an ultrasound of my neck.  I have nodules in my thyroid.  I don't think they are larger or have changed, but I think that combined with everything else, they are getting in the way of my swallowing.

What that means is, more doctor's appointments.  More stuff to figure out and try to make better.

Meanwhile, I will continue with my silver sneakers classes and get more fit every day.

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