Saturday, February 21, 2015

More snow

Today it has been snowing all day.  But, the temperatures are above zero, probably in the 20s.  Better than last week.

So, Nick and I went for a nice walk.  Went to Starbucks and  back, on foot.  On the way home we helped some kids (young people in their 20s) get their car unstuck.    Don't turn the wheel!   

It felt good to get out for a while.   Up until today I have been afraid of falling or freezing to death it's been so unbearable.  But, today was great!

Pictures to prove it

I forgot to mention how much fun I had sewing with my sister's granddaughter yesterday.  I took my mother's Featherweight sewing machine to my sister's house and let eight year old Jessica have some fun.  We made a doll dress!

Here's the doll dress we made together

Jessica channeling her great-grandmother

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