Thursday, February 26, 2015

On a happier note

My daughter, first born child, turned 37 yesterday, February 25th.    I have been working on making a blanket for Courtney for months.  In fact, I thought it was going to be her Christmas gift.  But I didn't get it done fast enough.

When I first finished the blanket, I only posted it on Facebook groups that I didn't think she would be looking at.  Now it is out in the open.

When I first finished the blanket, a week or so ago, I put in outside and lay it on top of the white snow where it looked really nice.

Today, when Courtney got the package, she sent me these pictures.

She also posted a picture of the pillows I made for her a few years ago 

Courtney and Ben's taste in furniture, form what I have seen, runs in the red. black and white pallet.   I find this interesting because Nick (Courtney's dad, my husband of 43 years) had an apartment all furnished in red and black.  I never saw that place. It was from before I know him.   But maybe there is some sort of gene memory?   Or maybe they just happen to like similar tings.

I have doctors appointments tomorrow to get my thyroid poked and prodded and talked about.  What fun!

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