Friday, September 19, 2014

I totally took today off

Not that I have to do anything any day.  But I do like to get up and dressed and do something.  Even if it just means sitting on the back deck getting bug bites.   The weather has cooled down a bit, so there are not as many bugs after me.

Today I woke up on my own.  By that I mean, no barking dog or cats throwing up.  Nice cool air coming in the window and I got myself up.  Of course, the first thing I do upon waking is going to the bathroom.  Usually the animals take their cue and get up as well.  The dog needs to go outside, and somehow, after 8 hours of sleeping, this little dog won't pee.  I have to say in my high pitch talking to the baby/ dog voice "go pee, go pee, go pee".  After he and I have walked around every square inch of the back yard and he has done nothing I might say "GO PEE DAMMMIT!!!".   and he does. Most of the time.  Pooping is the same  way.

Well I get to enjoy a few minutes alone with the neuritic dog with a shy bladder and I get to sip my coffee and eat my yogurt.   So the world is pretty good.

I was planning to take my car in for an oil change and a state inspection- must be done before the end of the month.  Next week will work just fine.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning, I went to my therapist.  The morning before (Wednesday) I went to my psychiatrist in the morning.  So I guess I am cured from crazy for a while!  I joke about it, but it really does help me to have someone objective to talk to about my life's struggles and joys and what my thoughts and hopes for the future are.  But that kind of work can take a lot of mental/ psychic energy.

Then last evening I went to my La Leche League meeting.   There were four of us Leaders there which was great!   A couple of really young babies- the youngest 11 days old!

When a chubby four month old, sitting on the floor across from me, looks at me and gives me a big smile, my day has been made.   Baby smiles are so honest and real and sometimes messy too.

After the meeting, some of us -with older or no kids- or babes in arms- go to the Silver Diner together.

So today, after having my head examined not once, but twice this week.  And sucking up the sunshine energy that babies give off, I am just too tired to force myself to do anyting besides stay in my night gown all day.  

Nick cleaned out the inside of the fridge and figured out what some of the smells were.  It's so nice to see the inside of the fridge so clean.  Even though it is empty!

Ok, Nite Nite.....

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